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Mangroomer 101

Mangrooming is no longer an interesting quirk of the metrosexual man. Nowadays all men groom in some way or form. Your more conservative gentleman might feel like shaving his back is all the grooming he can handle. While your average sportsman may want smoother legs and arms for increased performance. Let's not forget the 6-packers on the beach shaving their chest, shoulders, arms...and pretty much everything else.

Whatever your #Mangrooming preferences there is one brand whose been keeping men shaven and shorn for quite a few years now. Thanks to Mangroomer men are taking care of business in the following areas:

You have to have the right tools for the job! You can't use your facial razor for your back or your legs shaver for your nose hairs!


Reasons to Shave Your Back:

Silverback Gorilla - very few partners have fantasies of running their hands through your back hair. A smoother back is generally the accepted preference.

Muscle Definition - a smoother back shows off those hard-earned back muscles.

Sweat - keeping your back shaved keep it cleaner with less sweat and chance for body odor.

Features of the Mangroomer Back Shaver:

Design - lightweight patented design includes an extendable and adjustable handle that locks into place making it easy to reach all areas of your back using 1 hand to operate.

2 Interchangeable Heads - wide blade for larger areas and longer hairs & the foil body groomer bi-directional head for regular maintenance, shorter hairs, and a smoother shave

Wide Blade Design - shaves a larger area saving you time

Power Burst - booster button for shaving and trimming thick and coarse hair

Shock Absorber - multi-functional 'Flex Neck' for comfortable shaving over the contours of your back

LITHIUM MAX battery - long-lasting & powerful battery

One time purchase - no need for razor refills

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Suitable for:

  • Chest

  • Underarms

  • Shoulders

  • Legs

  • Arms

  • Stomach

  • Groin & balls

  • Backside

Reasons to Shave Your Body:

Confidence - show off your muscular figure. Excessive body hair hides your physique and makes you look like a teddy bear instead of an action hero.

Larger Assets - grooming the groin and pubic area can make you look larger than life where it matters.

Athletic Performance - sportsmen such as boxers, MMA fighters, football players, baseball players, triathletes, swimmers, cyclists, cross-fitters, bodybuilders, runners & many more shave their bodies for increased performance.

Sweat less - shaving the underarms helps to reduce sweating & body odor

Features of the Mangroomer Back Shaver:

Shock Absorber - pivoting neck and shaving head follows the contour of your body avoiding any nicks.

8 Setting Trimmer - allows you to choose the length you want to maintain

LITHIUM MAX PLUS+ battery - battery lasts up to 5X longer than a standard NiHD/NiCad battery

100% waterproof

Hypoallergenic - stainless steel foil and trimming blades are designed specifically for sensitive skin

Extra Foil - additional spare foil included

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Reasons to Trim the Nose, Ear & Eyebrow hairs - OBVIOUS! You're not a Caveman!

Features of the Nose, Ear & Eyebrow Trimmer:

Eyebrow attachment comb - dual-sided comb aids an even cut without completely removing the hair.

Hypoallergenic - stainless steel blades for sensitive skin

Light - for those hard to see, hideaway hairs

Wet or Dry - no need to stress if you get it wet

Battery - uses AA ALKALINE battery

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