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I've worn many hats from Designer, Entrepreneur to Diaper Dad. other job will fill your heart with love and joy as much as being a dad. 

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I've spent the better part of my life searching for Top Product Lists. Well at least as long as Google has been a thing right! But if I think back - every Christmas, Birthday, Fathers & Mothers Day, Valentines Day & basically every life event where I needed a product but wanted to choose from the best - I'de simply search for the Top 5, 10 & if I had the time 50 or 100.

Well that fun hobby simply intensified when I started having kids and with baby number ////// on the way and my oldest heading off to College I figured I might have picked up a few skills along the way to share with other Dads out there & so DadiDeal was founded.

I've worn many hats from Designer, Entrepreneur to Diaper dad. No matter where you are in life, or what you do to put food on the table if you're a dad you have the best job in the world! You'll never get a raise, get paid overtime or be able to take sick & vacation leave but no other job will fill your heart with love and joy as much as being a dad. 

So dads out there - this blog is my salute to you all! 

If we can make you smile, give you encouragement & motivation - perhaps even teach you something along the way and most importantly - make your job a little easier and fun - than we've accomplished our mission.

Go Team Dad! //////

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