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Geologie - Dad's Personalized Skincare

Updated: May 15, 2020

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Do You have a Skincare Regimen?

Guys lets face it! If you're anything like me you become quite uncomfortable when walking through the cosmetics and beauty sections of the department stores right? I feel way out of my depth there. That also sums up how most men and dads feel about mens skincare.

Most of my friends all want to do something about their skincare but just don't have a clue where or how to start.

Apart from the obvious - plastic surgery, you know that these celebrities, actors and male models are using buckets of good quality skincare products. How else do they look so good year in & year out?

Well my fellow dads it's our time now!

It's time you had a skincare regimen

There are a variety of mens skincare products on the market and the industry is growing! CNBC reports that the Men's personal care industry is on track to hit $166 billion by 2022, according to Allied Market Research. In 2018 Mens skincare products saw a 7% growth rate.

So more men are becoming aware of their appearance and growing concerned on how to retain and maintain their looks and youth. That still doesn't help guys like me who feel a little intimidated shopping in beauty stores and isles.

Finally a Brand who Gets Guys like Me!

I was super excited to try out the Geologie skincare products that were sent to me after I completed their online diagnostic test. This detailed survey is designed to identify what your skincare needs are and the best products you should be using for your skin.

Take the diagnostic test here to see what your skincare needs are!

My Review

So in my diagnostic I opted for taking care of blemishes and discoloration on my facial skin. Something I've notices in the past 2 years. Old age (nah! strong like bull!) A combination of sun damage, good living and probably some age factors.

Geologie's test determined I needed Regimen #26. In my Trial Pack I received 2 Everyday Face Washes, 1 x Vital Morning Face Cream, 1 Repairing Night Cream and a Nourishing Eye Cream. The kit came with instructions and ingredients and so I was happy to see that mostly natural products had been used.

Week 1,2

The hardest part of any skincare regimen for most men is remembering to actually do it! Mornings are easy for me as thats when I shower and so its part of the whole bathroom process. But it took me a good 2 weeks to remember applying the face cream and eye creams at night before going to bed. I never used to wash my face before jumping into bed and now I find myself doing that so that I can apply these creams on a clean face. That alone has been good for my skin.

Week 3

This is when it started to get interesting. My wife noticed before I did and asked if I was doing something different with my face. I knew immediately then that Geologie was starting to work. I'm always looking for my wife's approval in things so the fact that she noticed has motivated to continue on with the Geologie skincare regimen


Overall Impression (so far):

I found the face cream to be much thicker and long lasting on my skin compared to other products my wife has bought me in the past. For this reason it felt better quality. By the end of the day I feel like its worn off and then its time for the evening application to keep your skin nourished throughout the night.

I'm excited to see over the long-term how my face discoloration improves. So far so good :-)

I was super impressed with the customer service and follow up from the team at Geologie who took interest in my progress. The pack I received is a Trial Pack which should be enough for a month's use. If you're happy with each product you can signup for a subscription type service and get 90's days worth or you can order a full size of each product.

Get 30% Off your Trial Pack in this YouTube Review:

If you're interested in learning more about Geologie or perhaps trying out their Trial Pack [click here] - check out the video above for a 30% Discount code to get you started.

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