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Best Kids Smartwatch for 2021

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

If you've read my other post where I reviewed all the top kids smartwatches and tracking devices you've got to see this! The new Angel Watch Series-R is far more than just a video & voice calling smartwatch. Its packed with safety and health features that will make your head spin.

So the last time I reviewed all the latest Kids Safety Gadgets I gotta say I was a little disappointed how few ticked all my requirement boxes. Its seemed sad that some had included wonderful features while choosing to completely ignore others - like the all important dedicated SOS button.

Others seemed to simply focus on giving kids an internet access device no matter what the risks. I finally found something that got my attention and has got so many features that its bound to impress any parent sceptics.

Angel Watch - Your Child's Guardian Angel

Now I promised you guys a kids smartwatch packed with features- I promise not to disappoint. Check this long list of amazing features:

INTERNATIONAL - So many of the devices I reviewed before simply don't work the minute you leave the US. Not to mention all the International parents around the world needing a device like this one to protect their kids. Well - Angel Watch works in any country and is programmed with 16 different languages.

VOICE & VIDEO CALLING - Kids can make and receive cellular Voice HD Video calls using cellular service, data or Wifi. The great thing is they can only contact and be contacted by parent approved numbers in the phonebook.

SECURE COMMUNICATION - Now with all the Russian and Chinese hacking stories going on people and particularly parents have become a little sensitive when it comes to their kid's digital information. Angel Watch communicates to a secure, proprietary app using government-level encryption to prevent anyone adding the watch without your knowledge and approval.

GPS & LBS POSITIONING - Built-in access to the global satellite network for precise location tracking with Geo-Fence Out-of-Bounds Alerts, three months of movement history and I really love this - even LBS for tracking inside concrete buildings. If my child is the mall, I gotta know where about they are.

HEALTH MONITORING - The smartwatch is a little different in that it has these sensors underneath that include a built-in Pedometer, measuring distance coverage through GPS monitoring and tracking estimated Calories Burnt based on movement and biometrics as well as Sleep Quality Monitoring by counting turnovers during the night.

These sensors also take readings remotely of Body Temperature, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Blood Oxygen Levels. That makes this watch an excellent device for elderly people as well.

DEDICATED SOS BUTTON - Now for that all important SOS button which you can program with up to three numbers that the watch will call when the SOS button is pressed for three seconds- one call after the next in a cycle, for up to three times each, until someone answers.

[SNEAKY] REMOTE VOICE MONITORING & PHOTO CAPTURE - My wife loves this feature and basically it allows you to remotely open the watch’s microphone or camera from your app to check in on your child. This is great for tweens who may be mixing with kids you're not too sure about. The best part about this is your child and the people they are with will have no idea you're listening in.

SUFFICIENTLY WATERPROOF - Angel Watch is IP67 Rated waterproof and made of hard plastic child-proof casing. It can be submerged for up to three yards for up to thirty minutes; although unlike some other kids smartwatches it is not recommended for swimming.

DO NOT DISTURB PERIOD - This feature allows you to set up to 4 do not disturb time slots in your child's day. Great for when you child is at school or doing their homework.

NO INTERNET. NO SOCIAL MEDIA - Now this one is probably going to annoy the hell out of your kids. But we all know the dangers of the internet and social media - especially for younger kids. Look - I'm not saying the internet is the devil, just this device is focused on communicating and safety and not so much the internet.

APP GIVES FULL PARENT CONTROL - All watch features and communication capabilities are fully controlled by the Angel Watch App. What I love about this App is its in English you can actually understand. Its laid out in a clear and simple fashion and it works.

LOVE REWARDS - Such a cute idea and it really shows that the creators know kids! Parents can send reward points from the app to gamify good behavior or for completing those tasks you set for them.

ALARMS - If you have kids like mine this one is going to be worth its weight in gold. The App allows you to set up to three different alarm clocks on the child's watch.

FIND MY WATCH - This feature is pretty similar to the one on your cell phone in that it allows you to find the watch remotely from the app in case it gets misplaced.

Now these are just a few of their Angel Watch features. Check out their website to learn more.

So Why Do I Love It?

Well in case you skipped the entire section above that listed all the amazing features of the smartwatch let me give you my take:

The Angel Watch has all the safety features that not only help me keep track of my children but allow us to stay in contact throughout the day. Clever programming has ensured that my children are less distracted by their device but gives them important access to family in case of an emergency. The health monitoring features make this watch great for kids & grandparents too.

So if your child is reaching that age when they're starting to get a little more independent you want to encourage them in that but you know its way too soon to cut the chord and so a device like this is perfect.

In a world where we're losing touch with each other more and more this guardian angel - the Angel Watch, has been designed to brings kids ands parents back together.

To learn more about the Angel Watch Series R Kids [click here]

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