Whats in My Toiletry Bag + GiveAway

After the past few weeks of lockdown, self-isolation and complete boredom it's safe to say that I wasn't looking my best. I decided to look inside my Toiletry bag to see what I had to transform the Beast into a Gentleman.

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So here are some of the main items in my Toiletry bag. Watch how I used them to transform myself from a beach bum into somebody who looked a little more respectable in the video at the end of this blog.


You could win your own formulated Shampoo and Conditioner from the Chemists at Formulate. Designed just for your Hair. ENTER HERE


So the first thing I needed to get under control first was my hair. I'm trying to grow my hair and have found a product like Formulate has really helped me do this.

I'm loving the fact that my hair has gotten thicker and is growing so much faster than it used to

So the whole Formulate process is quite interesting. Basically you complete an easy online questionnaire that the Formulate Cosmetic Chemist team then use to design and create your own unique hair care products.

The mobile app allows you to communicate directly with your personal formulation team,

who check in on your progress after each shipment. Work together to evolve your formulas

based on how your hair and scalp are responding.

I love the fact that you never have to go out to the store to get your hair products anymore. Your Formulate is shipped to your door when you need it.

Now anyone who follows me knows I swear by the Geologie Skincare products. Basically its a personalized skincare range that is created for you after you complete a simple online questionnaire about your skin type. CHECK YOUR SKIN TYPE

I know a product is working well for me when I stop using it and see a difference or deterioration. For Geologie this has certainly been the case. The past 2 weeks or so I got a bit lazy and didn't keep up with my Geologie Skincare regimen and as a result my skin became quite dry and flaky. Also my blemishes started showing up again. I've started using my Geologie again now and getting back into my daily skincare regimen and things are looking good.

Every now and then I get something in the mail that makes me all silly with excitement. That's how I felt when I first received my Box of Shaving goodies from the Classic Blade Co.

The Classic Blade Company is a remarkable Men's Grooming brand that is truly bringing back the class and ritual of male grooming back to the market.

For my #Makeover I made use of a few of their amazing products, the most notable being the glycerin-based shaving cream from Truefitt & Hill with its very enticing West Indies Lime scent. I had never used a shaving bowl before and so the whole process of making your own shaving cream in the Shaving Mug was quite fun. But more than this I can see why men do this.

The shaving cream or lather comes out so much more gentle and thick, completely without bubbles. I'm told that this is also due to the amazing Simpsons Commodre X3 Shaving Brush which I use. The Commodore is turned in three sizes and filled with Best Badger Hair making it uber soft on the skin.

I'm obsessed with their amazing Edwin Jagger Chatsworth imitation Ebony DE Razor which includes the feather blades. The razor is elegant but also perfectly balanced and weighted. I get a very close shave with this one and don't think I'll be going back to a cheap crappy reusable razor ever again.

The Classic Blade Co. have a huge variety of shaving products from the most reputable brands in the world. There after shave balms like the Truefitt & Hill West Indies Lime is a rich moisturizer with a soothing base of lanolin and aloe vera and the Citrus scent in it will really bring your partner in a little closer ;-)

I love that shaving has become more than just a daily, get it over with, routine and is now more like a relaxing ritual that with the Classic Blade Co's help is becoming far more classy. I look forward to sharing more of their wonderful products with you all in the upcoming months.