Top 10 Socks to Add to Your Wish List

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Everyone knows - Dads get socks for Christmas! So we figured we'd round up the best socks out there and make it easier for your family and friends to get you what you actually like. We also managed to get some pretty cool discounts on most of them so be sure to share this with the people you expect to receive socks from.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase we will earn a small commission.

1. Nice Laundry

I love this brand's approach to selling socks. Super personalized while being environmentally proactive. Nice Laundry sends a prepaid recycling shipping label with your order of socks for you to return any of your old, used socks. They have recycled 121,871 socks, saving over 18.3 million gallons of water and 114,254 lbs of CO2. I tried out their personalized monogram sock box that you can personalize by choosing between cut, pattern, and color then I was able to select 3 letters for my monogram option - naturally I chose "DAD". Buy Here


2. Related Garments

After visiting their sexy website I was even more impressed with their luxurious feeling socks [underwear review to follow]. The funky zebra crew socks were perfect for me and show a nice splash of color and a wilder side to dad. These socks came as part of a set that included underwear. Go check out their website and see if you don't feel inspired to wear these socks after that! Learn More here

3. Fun Socks

These super comfy and soft socks from Fun Socks in Soho, NYC - are made of combed cotton. Fun Socks have a partnership with Delivering Good and so they basically donate a pair of socks for every pair purchased. Their website boasts a massive selection and so you'll find yourself choosing between dogs and cats to martini’s and bloody Mary’s. Their socks live up to their name - Fun! I like the fact that their socks feature seamless toe and arch support which makes them comfortable for all-day wear! 15% off discount code: DADIDEAL - Buy Here


4. Point 6

This Family run business has a huge variety of sock options from outdoor, tactical, sports to simple everyday comfy socks. I love my Point 6 socks which have been made with contact spun Merino Wool and use them when I go hiking. Now you may not know this but Merino Wool is anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, non-itch and provides thermoregulation to keep you at just the right temperature which makes it the perfect textile for socks - especially activity socks. 30% off code on all socks and accessories (sale items excluded): Point6Dadi30. Buy here

5. Swiftwick

Swiftwicks PURSUIT Business collection is built with soft, natural #Merino Wool to pull moisture away from your feet without getting soggy and preventing odor after long days at the office. I like the fact that these socks are thinner on the foot so they fit into my office and dress shoes. They include compression in the arch area of your feet which is snug and comfy and prevents slipping. The no-slip cuff is a great feature as nothing irritates me more than high socks that keep falling to my ankles. These stay right where they need to be. Learn More here

6. Two Left Feet

It's hard to find a more zany collection of socks then from Two Left Feet. Their graphics bring a smile to the passerby and a naughty giggle to sock admirers. These guys create socks and undies and have a pretty cool outlook that life is silly, and should never be taken too seriously. I was super impressed with their pricing and the fact that they have themed socks for special seasons and even stock socks & leggings for the lady and kids in your life. Learn More here

7. Afrisocks

What's the first thought you have when thinking about traditional African apparel. Bright, Colorful and vibrant right? #Afrisocks is a Ghanaian brand producing bright and exuberant styles of socks inspired by traditional Ghanaian Kente patterns and modern West African designs. Each design is named after a different Ghanian slang word. The owners are currently working to launch their own factory in Ghana as there are currently no sock factories in West Africa. I found their socks to be nice and thick and of superior quality. The colors don't fade after washing and stay bright and bold, a perfect quirky edge to your wardrobe. Nice to wear with suits and formal wear to show your fun side. Learn More here


8. Dead Soxy

Dead Soxy offers a colorful and trendy collection of boardroom and no-show socks. These guys even create custom socks that are great for business & brand marketing or holiday gifts for clients and employees. I like the fact that their designs are colored and patterned but in a more formal way that doesn't completely shock people in the boardroom. A good option for a trendy business dad. I noticed the patented non-slip silicone in the welt which I always find super helpful. They're surprisingly soft for boardroom socks, probably due to their Bamboo yarn. Learn More here

9. Get Socked! (Subscription)

Get socked is an Australian sock subscription that ships worldwide. Choose from 3,6 & 12-month subscriptions and receive a new pair of socks each month. I've enjoyed my Pacman and polka dot socks for an entire year already and you can see how bright and colorful the graphics have remained. Learn more here

10. Keep it Simple Socks (Subscription)

Keep it Simple Socks is another monthly sock subscription that will keep you stocked in socks year-round. I love their City Socks collection that proudly displays what city you're from. They also custom design socks for your business or promotional event. Learn More here

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