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Top 10 Male Grooming Kits

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase we will earn a small commission

When I was a kid my dad gave me some good advice. I learnt the hard way, many times around the house that DIY jobs became hours longer with plenty of cussing if I didn't listen to his advice:

Son, you have to have the right tools for the job

We've compiled a list of the best male grooming tools for job so dads out there don't have to battle out there with the wrong equipment while trying to look like a million dollars.

1. 15pc Men's Manicure & Nail Grooming Kit

Crafted from Medical grade stainless steel. It's light weight makes it great for travelling. The kit includes 2 nail clippers and a large nail clipper for hard and thicker toenails; cuticle nipper; nail file; dead skin fork; tweezers: scissors. Then the kit gets real interesting with the following useful tools: an acne needle for blackhead and acne removal; an ear pick for ear cleaning, nail cleaning knife for cleaning dirt from the nails; flat callus remover for removing dead skin from the soles of your feet; oblique callus remover; zigzag callus remover and a push broach for trimming nail keratin.

2. Beard Trimmer Kit

This highly reviewed beard trimmer has 5 functions and is suitable for trimming beard, hair, nose and body hair. With its narrow stainless steel trimmers its possible to create fine lines and trim details. It charges fast by USB and has enough juice for about 60 minutes or about 20 shaves. It's fully washable and comes with a 1 year warranty.

3. Viking Revolution Beard Grooming Kit

I've been using the Viking Revolution products for about 4 months now and I'm super impressed with their quality. The beard kit is good value for money and includes Wooden Boar's hair beard brush, double-sided pocket beard comb, Unscented Beard Care Oil, Citrus Scent beard styling balm, and beard scissors in a cool metal tin.


4. Brickell Men's Daily Face Care Routine

This popular men's skincare range offers a great kit for men looking for the essentials in daily skincare. The kit includes an activated charcoal facial cleanser, face scrub and face moisturizer lotion. Brickell make use of certified organic ingredients. Great for morning and night application.

5. Balon Men's Hair Brush Kit

4 in 1 hair brush set which includes a paddle brush, styling brush, wide tooth comb and tail comb. Works great on wet, dry, Long, short, thick and curly hair.


6. Manscaped Perfect Package 2.0 Kit

This was a fun Male Grooming Kit to receive and I've enjoyed using it ever since [see full review] The kit includes the Lawn Mower 2.0, a waterproof electric trimmer. The Crop Preserver, an anti-chafing ball deodorant. Crop Reviver, ball toner & refresher. The Magic Mat which is basically a funny newspaper that you set down to collect all your falling hair. The kit also includes some free gifts - a travel/storage bag valued at $39.99 and a cool pair of anti-chafing boxer briefs.


7. Maison Lambert Ultimate Shaving Kit

This uber chic French crafted shaving kit includes a double edge safety razor with 10 astra blades, black badger hair, chrome stand, organic shaving soap in a wooden bowl, organic aftershave and an organic pre shave oil.

8. Nads Nose Wax Kit

Great for removing the visible nose hairs near the surface. Don't let a few stray nose hairs ruin your daddy good looks. The kit contains Nad's Nose Wax 45g; 8 SafeTip Applicators; 4 Moustache Stencils; 4 Wooden Spatulas; 4 Antibacterial Wipes; 4 Post Wax Calming Oil Wipes and an Instruction Leaflet.


9. Electric Rechargeable Pedicure Kit

Ok guys lets face it! Most of us couldn't really be bothered to care for our feet. As long as they take us from point A to B and don't give up on us until the day is done we're happy right? Well our significant others don't quite feel the same way when looking at our cave men, Frodo feet and so if you want to impress everyone with your silky smooth tootsies this powerful callus shaver will give you the smoothest feet in town.

10. Mens Waxing Kit

This home kit has everything you need to wax some of the larger parts of your body like your back and legs. It includes 1 Electronic Roll-On Warmer; 25 Non-Woven Body Strips; 2 Men Powerful Formula Roll-On Hair Removal Wax Cartridges.

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