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Top 10 Luxury Strollers of 2019

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Whether you're making an investment on a stroller to ensure your child's ultimate comfort or as a fashion, status statement, spending in excess of $1000 on a stroller is no longer considered lavish or extreme.

Are these strollers any better than others ½ their price? You could ask the same question to someone considering a Mercedes Benz over a Toyota Corolla. I've owned a Mercedes S Class and a Toyota Corolla and I can tell you that each time I walked to my Mercedes, sat in it, drove it - it made me happy! The Corolla was a fine vehicle and pretty much did the same thing the Mercedes did - but it didn't fill me with joy and pride like my Merc.

These are some of the most expensive strollers you can buy. I haven't included Travel systems and add-ons which can make any stroller a lot more expensive. So whether you're a celebrity dad or simply a dad who likes to push your baby in style, here are the Top 10 Luxury #Strollers currently on the market.

Silver Cross Balmoral


The Silver Cross #Balmoral reminds me of a Rolls Royce. Just like the Rolls its hand crafted in Yorkshire using traditional methods. For this price you're expecting attention to detail and thats what you get from polished chrome chassis to the hand stitched fabrics and the hallmark hand painted fine line detail. I love the way Silver Cross describe the ride (wonder what adult sat inside to experience it?) "...famous Silver Cross ride, a wonderful bouncing glide created by the patented C-spring chassis." The classic design of this stroller conjures up fantasies of the Lord of the Manor with his Lady pushing their adorable baby in Hidcote Manor in this elegant pram. Beautiful, but a little over the top and certainly the ultimate status symbol.

Mima Xari Yellow Limited Edition

A very colorful, vibrant and somewhat eclectic design of the #Mima Xari has its design inspiration set in India. Mima is a Dutch design & brand and well known among the who's who in Europe, but becoming more noticeable by celebrity #babygear in the USA too. Nearing the $2000.00 price tag this contemporary design is purposely bright and yellow to give a sense of spring & happiness. With this emoji color you're certainly not going to have problems with vehicles or cyclists seeing you on the sidewalk. I like the Reversible seat with a patented “carrycot inside” system. I always feel more connected with my baby by looking at them and having them closer to me with the high position. The stroller comes with a Rain Cover, Parasol, Starter Pack, Sunny Veil, Footmuff, Trendy Bag, and Footrest Protector. At this price and reputation the Mima Xari is certainly a luxury yet functional stroller option for well-off dads.

Stokke Xplory V6 Athleisure Pink Stroller

So Stokke is a brand I am very familiar with - full disclosure - my wife is a Stokke Influencer so we've sampled and tried out all of their products for our past 2 babies. The interesting thing about Stokke is that the brand became well known for their unique Norwegian designed Tripp Trapp chair. They're not a brand with 100's of products and have stuck to what works. The Scandinavians have a minimalist and clean approach to design and you find it in #Stokke products and in the #Xplory V6 stroller too. I am a huge fan of this stroller which is more common in Europe and cities like New York and Los Angeles. The comments I get in Florida when pushing my Xplory can be quite amusing sometimes. Great for city life but I wouldn't recommend it as an all terrain type stroller. It is a global brand and becoming more popular as it's price is not completely out of reach.

Bugaboo Fox Stellar Stroller

Bugaboo another Dutch brand and creation of graduate from the Design Academy Eindhoven, Max Barenbrug. The brand has focused on design and innovation in their modern styled strollers. Their team of designers & engineers look like a luxury car operation and so you can be assured when buying a Bugaboo stroller that cleverer people than you put the stroller together. Price point - let's face it, it's still expensive to the average Joe but attainable for dads who wan't to own one of the top 3 strollers in the world.

Stokke Trailz Black Melange

The Stokke #Trailz in my own words is like the Xplory V6 but on steroids. Much more robust and all terrain than the Xplory. I love the versatility of it the way it easily converts from a Carry cot to a stroller seat. I think its great that #Stokke didnt change the height with this one as for me that was of the best features of the Xplory. It's reversible with 3 parent facing positions: sleep, rest and active, and 2 forward facing positions: rest and active. I want to take my new Trailz out in Florida and see if it gets an easier reaction than the Xplory. It looks more sturdy, tougher yet still stylish. Price wise you're looking at a similar cost to the Xplory, so yep! still expensive - but from personal experience I can say it's well worth the money.

Bugaboo Donkey 2 Mono

Though it looks a little awkward and unconventional the #Bugaboo Donkey 2 Mono provides dads with a variety of position options and converts into a side-by-side stroller. Now the first thing I think of when looking at dual and wide strollers is does it fit through a doorway. I'm happy to report that this one does. The side luggage basket is great for groceries, diaper bag or a case of beers. This one is on the pricey side in my opinion but hey, you can't find a better luxury stroller with so much storage space. Great for dads on the go with a lot of gear to move around but still wanting to look like a boss doing it.

iCandy Peach Stroller

#iCandy is another great British invention with its roots in aeronautical technology even winning a Queens award for excellence. So if the Queen likes iCandy then we do too right? The modern design is bold and very versatile with over 30 configuration options. The iCandy ride on board is perfect if you have a toddler needing to catch a lift. With most stroller brands offering a 3 year warranty I was very impressed to hear of iCandy's 5 year warranty. Its price point places it at the higher mark but also in the same area as some of our other strollers on this list so in the end I guess it just comes down to personal taste. Probably the luxury stroller with the most position options.

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

UPPAbaby is an American brand of luxury stroller that in their own words have strived to make strollers lighter, more savvy, easier-to-use, even fun. Perhaps not the flashiest stroller on the market but what it lacks in flash it makes up with strong features and configuration options. I like the shock absorbing front and rear suspension which makes this an all terrain stroller, especially with the no puncture wheels. Little details like the genuine leather trims on handlebar and bumper do not go un-noticed. In my opinion the #UPPAbaby is like the Volvo of the motor industry - adequate luxury, safe, packed with features but not exactly a BMW or Mercedes.

Thule Sleek 4 wheeler

If you associate Thule with vehicle roof racks and carriers you're not alone. Probably known around the world as the leading vehicle carrier brand Thule has expanded into a variety of other product areas and impressed consumers with the same quality and attention to design & technology that they use in their carriers. The reasonable height and reversible seat for parent or forward-facing position is great for child bonding not to mention reassuring for younger tots. Non puncture wheels with shock absorbing 4 weel suspension means a comfortable ride no matter what the terrain. Thule have a large range of optional extras for this stroller. Though not conventionally considered a luxury brand the price tag is based on the quality you're receiving when purchasing this well designed, flexible stroller.

Milkbe Auto Braking Stroller

So I had to double check on this. Yes the B touch technology in the Milkbe Lulaby strollers senses when you let go of the push bar and automatically applies the brakes. Cool hey!? The reversible seat has 3 position options. The U-shaped cabin sits on dual-shock absorbers making the ride super comfy for little baby boo boo. The website demo of the brunette folding the stroller & putting it in her shiny white Mercedes looked easy enough, even wearing those shiny tights. The stroller design has a moon buggy look to it and looks extremely robust and solid. In terms of brand prestige I really can't say as I don't know anyone who owns a #Milkbe but at this price tag it makes it onto our luxury stroller list.

If you own one of these strollers and have an opinion to share - please do so in the comments we would love to hear it.

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