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#ProDads ////// Inventor & Entrepreneur - Bondaroo

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

#ProDaddy is a series where we interview dads from around the world who successfully juggle the job of being a dad along with competing in the workplace. These dads inspired us at DaDiDeal and we think you'll love them too!

Scrolling through the internet the other day I came across something that caught my eye. Not just because it was aimed at dads but because its something I know very little about and I'm always inspired by people who face a challenge or problem and use it to create a solution - a business, a product and an opportunity!

Nick Baker is the proud owner of DadWare and inventor of the #Bondaroo. The bondaroo facilitates kangaroo care or skin to skin contact between dad and baby in the early stages of a child's life - See full Bio at the bottom of this page.

DaDiDeal caught up with Nick after MommyCon and asked him the following questions:

What made you come up with your Bondaroo invention?

During labor, Dawn was going through such extreme pain that she was traumatized. When the nurses tried to place Eva on Dawn’s chest, she just couldn’t do it. She later told me that she didn’t want those negative feelings and energy to be the first ones Eva knew of her and this world. 

Skin to skin was very important to the both of us. I could see the anguish in Dawn’s eyes and without even thinking I ripped off my shirt and placed Eva on my own chest. The nurses and doctors stopped to stare and their jaws hit the floor. They told us they had never seen a dad do this before.

While I was holding little Eva for the first time, I brought her over to some speakers we had brought from home. We made a playlist with our favorite songs and The Plain White Tee's "Rhythm of Love" just happened to be playing. The moment was perfect. I cried my eyes out at the beauty I held in my hands. Eva looked up at me and had no idea what to make of her new world, but I knew one thing. I was in love for the rest of my life.

When we got Eva home, I kept doing skin to skin bonding with no shirt on: laying around the house, taking naps, watching movies…you know, actively bonding with her and doing this as much as I could for as long as I could. Eventually I got sick of not wearing a shirt anymore, especially after an awkward run in with the Amazon guy. I cut huge holes in old tee shirts so I could at least be hiding my newly acquired dad bod, wasn’t better, because of the, you know, giant hole in my shirt! This did not pass the wife fashion test either.

So I came up with a rough design for an opening in a shirt that has a velcro fastener and DadWare was born.

I'm convinced that bonding made me a better dad. I think it can make other men better dads as well. Now, I want to share this idea with the world!

I think most dads call their kid "bug" at one point or another. They just look like little bugs. After a few rounds of calling her bug, I started calling her the Bugaroo! I call her "the little Bugaroo" to this day. As DadWare started to become a brand, what better name for our first offering than The Bondaroo, after my little Eva Bugaroo Baker?

Did you and your wife have a birthing plan & did it involve you having skin on skin contact?

YES, absolutely. I only did the kangaroo care in the hospital because I was told about it and how important it was. I was very concerned with making sure that our baby was brought into the world with love and kindness, and Kangaroo Care fosters this, 100%!

What are the benefits of Kangaroo Care - skin to skin contact?

Author of BABY MATTERS, Linda F. Palmer, DC - has this to say about the effects of kangaroo care:

Vasopressin & Protection Although present and active during bonding in the mother and infant, vasopressin plays a much bigger role in the father. This hormone promotes brain reorganization toward paternal behaviors when the male is cohabitating with the pregnant mother. The father becomes more dedicated to his mate and expresses behaviors of protection.

Released in response to nearness and touch, vasopressin promotes bonding between the father and the mother, helps the father recognize and bond to his baby, and makes him want to be part of the family, rather than alone. It has gained a reputation as the “monogamy hormone.” Dr. Theresa Crenshaw, author of The Alchemy of Love and Lust, says, “Testosterone wants to prowl, vasopressin wants to stay home.” She also describes vasopressin as tempering the man’s sexual drive.

Vasopressin reinforces the father’s testosterone-promoted protective inclination regarding his mate and child, but tempers his aggression, making him more reasonable and less extreme. By promoting more rational and less capricious thinking, this hormone induces a sensible paternal role, providing stability as well as vigilance.


Nick says he has personally noticed that kangaroo care has made him more intuitive to baby’s signs of hunger or worry

Other benefits of Kangaroo Care:

• Calms and relaxes parent and baby

• Regulates baby’s heart rate and breathing, helping them to better adapt to life outside the womb

• Stimulates digestion and an interest in feeding

• Regulates temperature

• Enables colonisation of the baby’s skin with the mother’s friendly bacteria, providing protection against infection

• Stimulates the release of hormones to support breastfeeding (Good luck with this one dads :-)

Alexandra Bagley photography at Babymoon Inn

What are your future plans for Dadware/Bondaroo?

I'm just trying to get the word out in the community so we get more dads involved. My biggest concern is that men are getting involved and being Dads. I feel the most growth I've done as a man has been since I made the decision to be an involved Dad. Kangaroo Care fosters this and gives a great foundation to the new dad. That's what I truly care about. If we promote that, I think the Bondaroo will do just fine. 

I would like to start a MomWare line, but that will require some investment capital I don't have right now. (see Nick's bio below to get involved)

In our blog we're trying to share Tips on how we can better support our wives after childbirth. Can you share some ideas with us on this?

Do the kangaroo care! It just takes the baby away for a while. Do your share around the house. Remember what just happened to her body. We might be tired, but my God, they just went through.... THAT. Give em a break and make sure you're doing your part!

What encouragement & advice can you offer to dads out there who think they may have an invention that helps with babies, kids & parenting?

Make sure you understand business and what investment capital you'll need. I love Entrepreneurship, it's a true passion of mine, but it's not easy and not for everyone. It takes hard work, a lot of failure and knowing when, sometimes, to quit. Just because you had an idea, doesn't mean it was good. Doesn't mean it was bad, but being humble and knowing that you know nothing is important. That way, you'll truly find out what you ACTUALLY know. 

On DadiDeal we also try and share personal reasons why we think being a Dad is the best job in the world. Can you list some of your own for us?

Love. It truly taught me what it was to love unconditionally. 

Responsibility. No matter what, someone is there, relying on me. No days off! But that's ok. Just make sure you get support!

Joy. You truly see Joy when a child does something for the first time and they love it. You can relearn to enjoy your life through reinventing experience!

Thank you Nick for bringing the Bondaroo to the market and all us dads out there. I can't wait to try the Bondaroo on my new baby & report back to our DaDiDeal readers.

DadWare - Bondaroo

The Original Bondaroo features a flap allowing the user to easily and conveniently engage in skin to skin bonding with their newborn. Constructed with a comfortable, shape-holding Jersey that is 66% Bamboo, 29% Cotton and 5% Spandex. Bamboo for its antimicrobial and feel qualities, cotton for feel and durability, spandex to keep shape. The closure material is High Technology Hook (HTH) and Loop material from Velcro Brand fasteners.  The Bondaroo is not a Baby Carrier and meant to be used as instructed.

Nick Baker - DadWare Founder

Nick Baker is the proud inventor of the Bondaroo and owner of DadWare. An aspiring Actor who found a solution to a real-life challenge and in the process invented a product to support all dads in bonding with their babies. Nick is currently offering opportunities for investors to help grow is brand and company. To learn more about DadWare or get in contact with Nick Baker: /

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