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Mens Grooming Gift Ideas

Great New Men's Grooming Gift sets and gift ideas for yourself, husband, father brother or special man in your life.

Whether you're reading this before Christmas or any other time of the year - its always the right season to get spoiled with Grooming and Men's Hygiene goodies. I found some of coolest products making waves in the Mens grooming world and excited to share them with you.

Disclosure: This blog makes use of 3rd party links that if you make any purchase from will support us with a small commission.


Black Box Grooming Kit

This uber cool & stylishly packaged #grooming kit is dedicated to the man who considers his beard the true window to his soul, Babel & Alchemy's customizable Black Box contains everything your facial hair needs to get you out the house. Choose a bottle of your favorite Babel Alchemy Beard Oil from the four in our line-up, and they'll add in their Sweet Tea Tree Beard Balm and Mint Pistol #Beard Wash to complete the trifecta. The perfect starter kit for a bearded beginner or a gift for the guy that’s already ahead of the game. I love the fact that they also include a handcrafted Pear Wood Comb.

4 Beard Oils to choose from:

Unscented Beard Oil

The original natural fragrance of skin-soothing Sweet Almond, Avocado and Argan Oils.

Taming irritation and aiding better beard health as its enriched with Vitamin E.

Cool Mint Beard Oil

Cooling fresh mint fragrance. Babel Alchemy's best-selling Beard Oil

Sandalwood Beard Oil

woody scent notes of Sandalwood Essential Oil and made with an anti-aging harmony of hair-softening and skin-soothing oils including Sweet Almond, Avocado, Apricot Kernel and Argan Oils, and boosted with Vitamin E

Cinnamon Bark Beard Oil

Bold and spiced wood notes of real Cinnamon Bark, blended with Argan and Jojoba Oils to smooth your beard to a natural finish.

[Black Box Price Check]


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I'm so excited to introduce you guys to Balla. Many of you probably haven't thought of including a Men's Talcum powder into your hygiene and grooming routines, but maybe its time that you did.

Why would someone need powder you may ask? Well it keeps you dry and prevents chafing during even the most intense workouts and activity. Ever spent a summer in Florida? I can tell you even getting out of the shower breaks a sweat so imagine working outdoors or even trying to get some exercise, yup - chafing and just general discomfort. Not with Balla!

I also love the fact that this product is used by Barbers around the world - check this out:

Original Formula [price check]

A fine Italian talcum powder with a subtle signature fragrance of oak & musk. Available in avail in 100g and 10.3g (travel-size) bottles.

Tingle Formula [price check]

This powder gives a nice cool tingle feeling complimented by its unique mint fragrance

Fragrance Free Formula [price check]

Fragrance-Free Formula is perfect for those with sensitive skin or those that prefer to let their cologne do the talking.

Body Spray Original Formula [price check]

Balla has also created an enticing body spray using their original signature oak and musk scent to keep you smelling great throughout the day.


Beard Bundle Complete

I love this kit because you're basically getting everything you would possibly need to take care of your beard. Total respect to the lads for also supplying their beard oil in the 2 ounce bottles - thats enough oil to keep you supplied for weeks. The fact that they also include a Beard comb and brush is huge! This is exactly what you get:

  • 2 ounce Premium Beard Oil

  • 2 ounce Premium Beard Balm

  • 4 ounce Premium Beard Butter

  • 8 ounce Premium Wash

  • 8 ounce Premium Conditioner/Co-Wash

  • Curved XL Beard Brush

  • Ox Horn Comb

  • Polyester Travel Bag

Now I've tried a lot of beard products and I've got to say that the El Hummidor fragrance is simply amazing. Its a smooth and sweet cigar with carefully balanced hints of honey, vanilla and black pepper.

[Price Check]


Created by veterans these guys have created a completely 100% biodegradable, earth-friendly wipe that good for outdoor & active lifestyle. If you've every gone hiking, camping or even taken a long haul flight - you'll know that its not always possible to take a shower to freshen up. Well thats where the Combat wipes save the day. The quality thick and moist towel is sufficiently large (7.1x8.3”, 18X21cm) and wet to get a good wipe and clean those sweaty areas.

Is it safe to use? Well I use them on my kids too! Infused with Vitamin E and aloe they are also alcohol-free. Best part is they are earth-friendly and 100% biodegradable

[Price Check]

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