How to Travel with Kids

Travelling with a Baby or Toddlers can be a real challenge. Luckily there are a range of clever products created by Dads and Moms just like you who make the whole experience so much easier and enjoyable! DadiDeal shares our Top Kids Travel Essentials for 2020.

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I've got 6 kids and my wife and I decided early on in our marriage that we wanted our kids to be Travel Friendly. That meant taking them everywhere we travelled from the day they were born. It also meant researching and trying out the best products on the market to make Travelling with Kids Easier!

Get control of these things for Stress-Free Kids Travel:

  • Hygiene & Social Distancing

  • Comfort & Safety

  • Entertainment

  • Sleep & Calming Aids

  • Prep for the Unexpected


Potette Plus

We love to take long road trips and there’s something about getting 5 minutes into a journey that just makes my kids want to go potty. We found the perfect solution and its a portable potty that you can whip out pretty much anywhere.

Potette is what you’re looking for as its super compact and can fit right under your car seat or even in your wife's handbag.

  • It has stable legs that lock into place.

  • Rubberized base to prevent slipping

  • Then it comes with 3 super absorbent, leak-proof and easy-to-use disposable liners. Once you run out you can order more from Potette. These liners are great for catching the number 1/2 and make it easy to discard.

  • Suitable for ages 15 months and up to 50lbs when used as a traveling potty

Why I like it:

Its super light so I can fly with it. Its also easy to clean. Really useful for road trips, the beach, camping & outdoor walks and hikes. [Price Check]

Tasty Clean

Every little one goes through an age where they think its fun to watch dad and mom pick up their pacifier or toys, like constantly, off the floor. Its the only reason they want that toy - so they can just throw it down again and watch you pick it up, right?

With Covid going around the risk of items falling on the floor or being contaminated and then finding its way into your child's mouth is even scarier. So you need something that protects your child while travelling.

TastyClean have invented a patented, flavored cleaning spray and its perfect for pacifiers, bottles, toys, mouth guards, retainers, dentures, musical instruments, camping utensils & the list goes on.

  • Its clinically tested. Safe. Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the main ingredients 

  • Easy & Quick to use. Simply spray the item liberally, wait at least 30 seconds then wipe or shake off the excess. 

There's many ways you can use it but here are some of the most popular:

Why I like it:

The flavors are really yummy so our kids don't mind a squirt. We use it on store carts, restaurant high chairs, airplane trays and entertainment consoles. Its also Eco-friendly with no harsh chemicals. [Price Check]

Social Distancing + Sleep Aid


Now with everything going on parents have been quite concerned about keeping their little ones safe. Especially on airplanes. Babies can’t wear masks so what do you do to socially distance them?

The CoziGo is a product we’ve used in every day life as a Sleep Aid but now with everything thats going on with Covid it makes perfect sense to use as a socially distancing tool.

  • Blocks out 97% light and can increase nap time by up to 400%

  • UVP 50+ rating so its perfect for outdoor use

  • 100% breathable with cross-flow ventilation

Airlines that approve the CoziGo:

Why I like it:

I like things that are super easy to setup and fold away. The CoziGo doesn't require any silly instructions as it simply pops into place. It attaches with clips to a stroller frame and fits every kind of stroller we've tried it on. [Price Check]

Comfort & Safety

MiFold Grab-and-Go

So the first challenge a parent has when travelling is car seats. Taking a huge, heavy car seat along wherever you go isn’t always possible - especially if you’re flying and especially if you have more than one child who needs a car seat. Also, think about the last time you caught a taxi or uber that offered a kids car seat - like never!

I don't like to use the rental kids car seats - probably because I know what goes on in a kids car seat and I don’t want no part of that kinda nastiness on my kids.

We use the MiFold products. MiFold has 2 products depending on your needs and the age of your kids - the Grab-and-Go and the HiFold.

The MiFold grab-and-go booster seat which is the world's most compact portable booster is perfect for travelling. Basically it makes use of the cars seatbelt system but adjusts the strap more safely for your child.

  • Its designed for kids aged 4 and up, 40 to 100 lbs, and 40 to 57 inches tall

  • Its adjustable to fit all children

  • Quick Clip system allows easy one-handed adjustment

  • Exceeds US regulations

Why I like it:

I can fit 3 in a row no matter what size of car. It weighs the same as a small bottle of water so its easy to keep in a bag, stow away under your car seat or in your glove compartment. Although you cannot use it on the plane its convenient enough to take on flights so its ready for the taxi ride or rental car when you reach your destination. [Price Check]

HiFold - Fit-and-Fold Booster

My toddler is currently using the HiFold and he absolutely loves it. He says it makes him feel like he's in a 'Big Boy Seat'. The HiFold uses "Multi-Fit" technology which includes 243 individual settings making this the most adjustable booster seat I think we've ever used.

  • Great for children weighing 33-100 lbs, 36”-59”

  • Adjusted separately in 4 areas including, the seat width (3 settings), the body width (3 settings), the head width (3 settings) and the height (9 settings).

  • 6 advanced impact-protection zones and 4 layer design

Why I like it:

Once again I can fit 3 in a row or 2 of these along with a conventional car seat for my baby. Its not as light as the MiFold weighing in at 10 lbs. 2 oz (4.6kg) - but thats still much lighter than most other car seats. Its easy to clean with its washable fabric.

As the MiFold & HiFold make use of the car's seat and seatbelt system I noticed that if my little ones take a nap we have to adjust the car's seat so that their heads don't slump forward. [Price Check]

Ride Safer Vest

Now who would you trust to design a child restraint system for your kids aged 3 years and up? Would you trust a former firefighter/paramedic, child passenger safety technician instructor? Well, I would!

This genius invention designed by a Dad takes all travel safety issues into consideration and is perfectly designed to make use of the car's seatbelt system while ensuring proper alignment of belts and a harness system to prevent serious harm in the event of a car crash.

  • 3 sizes to choose from that fits all children

  • Follow instruction on their website on cleaning the RideSafer Vest to protect the integrity of the vest.

  • Certified in the US

Why I like it:

Fits conveniently under the car seat or glove compartment but we keep it setup on the backseat so my little one needs only to strap in when he gets back in the car. Great service offered by this brand who answers any and all questions you may have. I really like the idea of their TradeUp program which allows you to trade up sizes as your little one gets bigger/older. [Price Check]


Kenley Kids

Now if your kids are anything like my 2 toddlers they need constant entertainment. Especially on road trips or flights where they can quickly lose the plot if they get bored. The biggest challenge with this is bringing enough toys, arts & crafts, electronics and snacks to do the job especially for a long-distance flight.

The Kenley Kids Travel Tray is once again the perfect invention by parents who also faced this same challenge.

  • Waterproof surface making it easy to clean

  • Great for colouring in, playing with toys, reading, snacks and so much more

  • iPad holder that keeps iPad upright and out of their grubby hands.

  • Loads of Compartments and Pockets that help to organise all their goodies.

  • Additional storage on the side flaps

Why I like it:

It doubles up as a mess container! My car has never stayed so clean. Its great for snacks. Lots of Dads don’t let their kids eat in the car because the back seats starts to look like a rats nest after awhile. Well the Kenley Kids tray is great for keep snacks up right, and the mess contained. I love that its Super light & portable and folds flat. [Price Check]

BuddyPhones Wave

My kids always struggle with those ear pieces the air hostesses bring on the plane. They're just not made for tiny ears. I also hate listening to 'Baby Shark...' for 5 hours during a road trip. The wireless BuddyPhones are perfect for little ones when travelling but whats even better than that - they're healthier too!

  • An impressive 18 Hr Battery Life with a 30ft Range

  • AudioShare Cable

  • SafeAudio 75/85/94 dB - The Wave maximum safe volume can be adjusted to your child’s age or the environment they are in. TravelMode: 94dB (max) 

  • Hypo-Allergenic Cushion and easy to wipe off and clean

  • Foldable Design which helps when they try push it into their bags

  • Spill/Waterproof IP67

Why I like it:

I love that its wireless so there is no risk of strangulation or nasty accidents. The Custom name tag stickers were a big hit with my little ones. I love that it comes with its own little travel bag. [Price Check]

Sleep & Calming Aids


Now if you’ve ever taken your little one with you on a romantic weekend away you may recognize this little challenge. You’ve had a great day exploring or you’re tired from driving and want to get a good nights rest. You child realizes they’re not in their usual place of sleep and decide to complain about it. No one knows why - either the unfamiliar lights in the room, tv, or simply because Dad and Mom are a few feet away.

Travelling is all about a good nights rest and maybe even re-connecting with your partner and getting in a bit more romantic time. You don’t want little 'Johnny' peeping in or disturbing your evening.

Well, we found the perfect solution - its called SlumberPod!

You may have seen this on the Shark Tank show - The SlumberPod is a quick-assembly privacy pod that helps babies & toddlers get a good night's sleep

  • Its bottomless so you fit it over a any crib, cot, playard or inflatable toddler mattress.

  • Its easy and quick to assemble

  • Breathable fabrics with ventilation windows.

  • Good for 4 month old babies up to 5 year olds.

  • Passed all US safety checks

Why I like it:

Just like a tent it folds up into an easy to carry bag which you can take wherever you go. It has an opening that zips open for easy access for diaper changes or to allow your little one to feel included until they fall asleep. I think the zippered pocket that you can use to insert a baby monitor is particularly clever, especially if you're putting baby in a different room. [Price Check]

KidScents - SniffleEase

This relaxing, quieting blend of essential oils formulated for children ages 2 and up can be real helpful in calming hyper kids before and during travel. I don't believe in drugging a child though I completely sympathize with parents who go through hell with their kids on some of their travels. [Price Check]

  • The KidScents range is made up of Therapeutic grade oils

  • SniffleEase is a blend of eight different essential oils

  • To use apply several drops (2-4) on ears, chest, neck, or feet. The child can directly inhale or you can use it in a Diffuser.

  • It works by uplifting a child emotionally and mentally

Preparing for the Unexpected


Something we take pretty much wherever we go as a family is our MyMedic First Aid Kit. There’s a couple reasons why we take this around with us. Some of our kids have allergies. Our toddler boys are always getting cuts and scrapes. My Teenage son is always breaking some kind of bone or injuring himself with his sports.

I have to admit this but we pull out the MyFAK bag at least once a month. I keep it in the car so its always with us on the road.

  • Great thing is they have an easy restock ordering system on their website

  • The bag is adaptable. high quality molle straps and velcro patches so you can add other stuff to it

  • Velcro back allows you to attach to the back of car seats or other surfaces. The buttoned straps also allow you to attach it to your backpack.

  • Tear away back panel doubles up as a brace or sling.

Why I like it:

I like the fact that they use good quality products that have a long shelf life. Surprisingly light for all the stuff they fit into it. I hate first aid kits that you search for ages to try find what you need. The MyMedic MyFAK bag has a trifold so it opens up fully, has convenient pouches and everything is easy to locate. Especially if you’re stressed out. [Price Check]

So we've tried to include the main things we use in our family but I'm interested to learn what you use in your Family to make travelling with kids so much easier. Comment down below.

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