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How to Cut a Toddler Boy's Hair

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

If your kids are anything like my two toddler boys you'll know that getting them to sit still long enough for a barber to cut there is mission impossible! I got so tired of all the tears I figured 'Hey, how hard can it be?'. Well there are a few tricks to the trade and some tools that make the process a whole lot easier

1/ The Art of Distraction

Every father knows distraction to be one of the most essential weapons in a dad's arsenal. Although I try not to promote excessive tv and device usage for toddlers, lets face it - in the right moments it can be super helpful. Step 1: Distract your toddler with an iPad or gaming device. Put on their favorite cartoons, something that you won't need to constantly adjust for 20 minutes at least.

2/ Spray Bottle

Spray your toddler's hair making sure its wet but not dripping. Cutting dry hair is a real pain and get's absolutely everywhere and before you know it they're itching and scratching...& then you've got problems!

3/ Divide the Hair

Using a comb brush the hair to get out any tangles. Comb their hair flat and straight down. Then divide the hair into sections. A hair clip is great for keeping hair in place.

4/ Start with the front

Comb the bangs straight down and choose the length you wish to cut them to. Cut at 45 degree angles all along the bangs. If you cut straight across at 0 degree angle the bangs will have a very straight, harsh look. Be careful when cutting near the eyes. Take care as your toddler might squirm and move and the last thing you want to do is poke them with the scissors.

5/ Cut at 45 degree angles

Using the comb select part of the hair. Insert the hair between your index and middle finger. Make sure your fingers are angled at 45 degrees, the 0 degrees towards the neck and the 45 degrees towards the top of the head. Cut the hair that hangs above your fingers.

6/ Cut your way around the head

As you cut your way around your toddler's head you can adjust the length by taking more or less hair between your fingers each time. Generally boy styles have hair shorter around the neck and ears and so you will taper the hair by taking more between you fingers here. You can also choose to cut the hair below your finger here instead of the hair above your fingers.

7/ Using Clippers

For shorter styles most dads opt to using trimmers. There's not too much to is except its wise to start with the higher trim guards like number 3 or 4 which will cut off less hair than the lower numbered guard. Work your way down the numbered guards so that you're using a 1 or 2 on the upper neck and around the ears. Tapering the hair is easier if you start from the bottom and lift the clippers away from the head as you move the clipper higher up the head.

8/ Neaten up

When you're happy with the length its time to neaten up by trimming with a scissors around the ears. Straightening the back line and simply snipping any stubborn hairs breaking free from the herd.

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