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Daddy Boot Camp////// How to Bath a Newborn Baby

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

New dad? Bathing baby for the first time? If the idea of bathing your tiny, fragile #newborn has you in a panic - don't lose it just yet! Put on your Poker face look that baby square in the eye and say 'Lets do this!' DadiDeal will help you Top and Tail that newborn faster than you can say 'Rubber Duckie'

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Step 1 ////// Preparation

Make sure the room is warm with no cold drafts coming through. Get everything you need for the bath and set it where you can reach it. You will need a baby bath body wash and a baby shampoo. A soft wash cloth is useful. I prefer to use a hooded towel. Make sure to keep bath water temperature to about 100 F (38 C). If you do not have a bath thermometer a good way to check is to roll up the ol' sleeves and dip your elbow in. If it feels warm, not too hot - you're all set.

Step 2 ////// Reassurance

Undress baby as close to the bath as possible. Talking gently to reassure him or her really helps. If baby hates being naked keep baby covered with a towel until the last minute when you wash baby's body. Newborns tend to throw their arms out in shock when they go into water. A good way to give them some reassurance is to hold their arms to their chest for a short while while you get baby used to the water.

Step 3 ////// Start with the Head

Newborns can wiggle around a lot so make sure you've got a good hold on baby with your left arm while your hand supports her neck and then use your right to wash #baby. For the face a good tip is to use Cotton pads which you wet and wipe over baby's face. Another great tip is to use your left hand index and thumb to close baby's ears because water going into baby's ears could cause an ear infection. After you're done washing baby's face and hair you can dry the head.

Step 4 ////// Get in There!

Try give baby an all round good clean. Get into those hidden areas like under the arms, butt cracks and baby's neck. Don't freak out if baby poops in the bath. Shit happens! Depending on how antsy baby is you may want to make it a real quick bath. The older baby gets the more it'll probably become a fun bonding time for the both of you.

Step 5 ////// Getting Baby Dressed

When babies are newborns their diapers are often still too big. A good tip is to fold the top over before sticking it closed. Take care to apply the rubbing alcohol to the baby's umbilical cord after each bath. You can also rub baby's whole body with lotion before getting him or her dressed.

As baby gets older so you'll get more comfortable and so will baby and eventually you'll both develop your own routine. I personally prefer to shower with my babies but only once they're about 4 weeks old or so. The water falling on their heads really relaxes them and they often even fall asleep in the shower. Of course you'll need your partner to take baby from you when he or she is all washed to help get baby dry and dressed.

DadiDeal would love to hear some of your newborn bath time tips! Comment down below :-)

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