10 Ways to Make a Home Office Super Productive

For many of us #Coronavirus has forced us to work from home and manage our jobs online. For our fellow dads our there that can be easier said than done when you have toddlers or kids running around.

Juggling work and home-life is a new challenge for many of us but DadiDeal has found 20 Ways to make your home office even more productive than your regular one. If you like working in your PJ's you may never want to go back to your town office again!

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Set & Keep to your Office Hours

As tempting as it may be to lose yourself to your work during isolation or even after life returns to normal its important to maintain a balance for a happier lifestyle. By setting office hours you will focus better and motivate yourself through the day knowing there is a start and end to the grind.

Send the Family a Memo

Get your family on the same page by explaining not only the importance of you needing to actually work but needing respect and consideration during your working hours. Keep family informed when you have important calls or video chats so they know to keep things down.

If you have a baby or little ones you may need to stagger your working hours throughout the day so that you make best use of nap times, afternoon cartoon time, sitter times etc. I have a few friends that have changed their working hours to the early and late evening as its the only time they can truly focus and get a reasonable amount of quiet in the home.

Choose a comfortable Chair

Most days the only thing that forces me to stand up and get out of my chair is a dash to the toilet. But lets face it we all spend hours on end on our office chair and so it only makes sense that we should choose one that's not only comfortable but actually healthy for our backs and blood circulation.

When we are looking at quality office chairs that can not only cope with our backsides all day but offer some form of comfort and relaxation we looked to one group of dads who spend a huge amount of time in chairs.....GAMERS!

Homall High Back Office Chair

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  • Class-3 gas lift supports up to 300lbs

  • 360 Degree Swivel and Multi-direction Wheels

  • Recline functions between 90, 135 & 180 degrees

  • Ergonomically designed. Headrest and lumbar support

Standing vs. Sitting for Work

The European Journal of Preventive Cardiology recently conducted a study and found that standing for six hours a day instead of sitting not only prevents weight gain but can actually help you lose weight by burning 0.15 more calories than sitting.

But I would like the option of both because as much fun as it would be to lose weight while working my feet & back may disagree. So we found the perfect solution:

VIVO Height Adjustable Desk & Workstation

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  • Standing feature relieves muscle tension, reduces stress and increase productivity.

  • Desktop has enough room for dual monitors

  • Separate workstation for a keyboard

  • 33lbs dual pneumatic spring allows numerous adjustable points between 6.5" and 17"

Take Breaks

You're at home so there's no boss or supervisor looking over your shoulder so be sure to get in all your breaks. Research suggest 2 types of breaks throughout your working day. Short breaks from 5 to 15 minutes every hour or so. Long breaks of at least 30 minutes every 2 to 4 hours. We're not going to tell you what to do in your breaks as being a dad I'm sure you've got tons of things that either need doing or you can simply take a 30 minute break on the john reading a magazine like the rest of us.

Organize your Cables & Cords

As important as a neat and tidy desk may be in becoming more efficient in your home office so is what lies behind and beneath your desk. If you've got toddlers or babies in your home this is even more important. Organize your cables with this clever cable and cord sleeve

JOTO Cord Management System

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  • Two color options, black and beige

  • Premium flexible and durable neoprene sleeve zips up your wires into a neat tube

  • Customizable, cut holes into sleeves at any position to allow cables to be separated.

Declutter your Desk

There is nothing that winds me up more than a messy desk. Though my desk is not pristine I know where everything is. As soon as one of my teens have a few minutes at my office desk things go missing or somehow fall into an alternate universe and any time spent looking for something that I know should be right there sends me into quite a mood. To boost productivity make use of a desk organizer.

SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer

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  • Two side load letter trays, and a tray with a 3 compartment Drawer. Upright section has five 2" Compartments.

  • Desk storage, file folder and letter organizer

Create a Relaxing, Work Inspiring Atmosphere

There are so many ways you can create a cool vibe in your home office. I personally have a new playlist or Vevo Music mix playing for each day of the week. Look at introducing some plants & greenery into your office. It not only helps with air quality but has an uplifting feel on the mind. A mood or focus board where you can pin up your to do's and some motivational quotes or inspirations is a good idea. Some workers even like a scented candle or diffuser in the room to really get them into the creative, working mood. Some scents have benefits like peppermint which boosts energy and rosemary which can help you concentrate.

Get a Separate Number

There is nothing worse than having your toddler pick up the phone form an important client when you were hoping to make a good impression. Luckily my little guy is soooo cute he's pretty good at winning anybody over. It doesn't have to be a landline, even a new mobile number would work. Be sure to leave a professional answering service message for the times you're on your break or can't get to the phone.

Over Communicate

This is an area I regularly fail in. I tend to keep things in my head and assume the whole world knows what I'm doing or thinking. But remote work requires over communication, especially if you're working for a boss or with a team of people. Work schedules, your work progress, any challenges or issues you're dealing with, delays - you name it - communicate it.

Have Fun!

This may sound counterproductive but its crucial if you want to turn a home office into a sustainable productivity hub. If you're at your regular office you would typically have conversations, social interactions, work lunches or even share lunch with colleagues at the canteen. In fact so much of the typical working day is spent in some form of social engagement which is what brings interest and motivation to the hum drum of the typical day. Now with all that out the window you will need to find other ways to make your working day at home fun.

  1. Use a virtual background on your video conference

  2. Use snapchat for video calls and apply lenses & filters

  3. Use a 2nd monitor to boost productivity

  4. If its not too distracting, watch a Netflix series while you work

  5. Listen to an audio book while you work

  6. Exercise, go for a run or do yoga during your work day

  7. Move your home office to different parts of the house to keep things interesting

  8. Finally you can take your pet to work

  9. Use apps to make your work more productive

  10. Schedule 1 hour a day for online training

  11. Video call a virtual happy hour at the end of the day with your colleagues

  12. Outsource what you hate doing. Use a website like fiverr.com

  13. Do something different each day. Switch up your routine

Working from home may become our new norm and the challenge of finding a productive way to live and work in the same space will be easier for some than others. Those of us that embrace this new way of life can make our working lives not only more productive but see our family and professional lives become more balanced.

Do you have some ideas on how to make working from home more productive? Please share with us in the comments below.

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