How to Get FREE Baby Products

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Best up to date list of Totally Free Baby Products that are super easy to get.

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Its not easy having a baby especially in these times where bills are mounting and money is not simply flowing in.  So to help you out we have compiled a list of True free baby goodies which we've tried and tested ourselves. With baby number 6 on the way we investigated all the "free" baby options out there. Many companies will send you a free baby box but you have to pay shipping which in many cases is not worth the while as the shipping equates to the value of the box.  We have NOT included those options in this article as we have done the ground work for you - and so these options are all truly free goodies. 

YouTube GiveAways

You can win a lot of great items just be entering giveaways on the internet. 


Fouriefamcam is a family based youtube channel that offers tons of giveaways, they partner with some of the biggest baby brands and new and upcoming products to host a giveaway almost every Friday! Their giveaways are often targeted at families and as it is a growing channel you stand an excellent chance at striking it lucky! Visit here

Instagram & Facebook GiveAways

Another great way of getting free baby products from the brands you love is to simply follow the brands on Instagram and Facebook and wait for their next Giveaway. Most top baby brands offer giveaways as part of their social media marketing and so you stand a great chance if you follow 20-50 of all the top baby brands & entering their giveaways of actually winning some wonderful items.

Great brands to follow include:








Philips Avent:


California Baby:

Abby and

Aden and Anais:

Freshly Picked:


Sarah Wells Bags:

Dr. Browns:

Summer Infant:


Baby Registry Bags

In order to qualify for a FREE baby register bag you need to create a baby registry - it can be quite simple - I did extremely simple registries as we have most of the major baby items already. By creating a registry you automatically qualify for a free baby bag of goodies.   Target In order to claim your free bag from Target you need to go in store with your email verification and collect your bag of goodies at the customer service desk.  Every time I have collected my free bag of goodies I never had to show the email. Hands down one of my best free bag of baby goodies. 

Some of the items you can find included are: Baby bottle -these do change but I got a Dr Browns bottle and an Avent bottle. A pacifier NUK or MAM, diaper and wipes samples from the major brands.  My wife loves the wipes samples as they are the perfect size for the diaper bag or to keep in the car. a variety of sample sized toiletries - also really useful for on the go travel/diaper bags etc. The bag also included formula and nursing Pad samples.  Included is a booklet of coupons ranging from clothing to diapers, my personal favourite is the Starbucks 50% coffee coupon. Daddi is gonna need his coffee once baby is born : ) Walmart Same deal here you go online and create yourself a baby registry to qualify for the box.  There seems to be some controversy here when it comes to this box.  Some people were disappointed with their boxes and others said they never received them - being out of stock.  However this was not my experience.  I received my box in the mail. The box was filled with a pleasant supply of goods very much like the Target bag.  The Walmart box included various coupons, diaper and wipes samples, toiletry samples, two baby bottles, sample laundry detergent and milestone cards. Apply Here

Buy Buy baby This is an in store item that you collect. You can create your registry either online or in store.  This was the baby registry bag that I was most disappointed with - it could have been that we just got a really sad bag though. It was filled with very few samples- an Advent bottle and mainly a range of pamphlets.  The best item was the BuyBuy Baby coupon $5 on a $15 spend - so it could be worth using for certain essentials you have to buy such a diapers or baby body suits etc and by spending US$15 you will get US$5 off! Amazon Baby Welcome box The amazon baby Welcome box is a selection of full and sample size products for parents-to-be and babySame deal here but you actually need to make a single purchase from your registry for US$10 and sign up for Prime (which you can cancel after your first 30 day trial - so it costs you nothing)  There is no shipping on your free box. I would advise using your single purchase towards something like diapers which you are going to need anyhow and then you automatically qualify for the free Amazon box. Apply Here

Baby Boxes

Now as I mentioned before there are other free baby boxes for creating a registry but these all require a shipping cost. Don't worry if you don't want to spend the shipping $ as there are plenty of other free baby goods you can get. 

Dyper Dyper has some amazing specials on their diaper subscription.  I signed up for a trial subscription and received a free diaper bag.  I cancelled before I was charged.  Their FREE deals seem to change - so I recommend going and checking out their site for their latest free deal! Dolly Parton's Imagination Library On this programme you can receive free books for your little one from when they are born to their first year of school - 5 years of age.  You have to first see if the service is available in your area- participating communities within the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Republic of Ireland.

Medical & Insurance

Free Breast Pump You can receive a free breast pump for your partner through your insurance. Follow the steps on the Aeroflow website and in 3 easy steps you can have a breast pump shipped off to you.  Apply Here If you don't have insurance you may qualify for a free breast pump through WIC - check your eligibility here: Hospital Every hospital normally kits out the new Mom with a supply of goodies which typically includes a supply of diapers, wipes and toiletry samples and mom postpartum care items.   This does vary from hospital to hospital so contact your delivery hospital to find out what they "gift" you with. 

Brand Samples

I have friends who have emailed and written to brands mentioning how much they would love to try their products as they're having or have just had a baby. Brands often sen samples so you can try the product out before making future purchases.


If you have an instagram or social media following of more than 5000 you may want to mention this in an email to a brand and say how you would love to try out one of their products and share your experience with your followers. Brands are very excited about sending free product to micro-influencers or any newbie parent with a large social media following.

We'll keep this list updated so if you know of any other sources or brands who regularly offer free products mention it in the comments and we'll add it to our blog for other dads and moms to benefit from.

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