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How to Make Pineapple Beer | Homebrew alcohol

Disclosure: Bare in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase DadiDeal will earn a small commission. This post is intended for entertainment/hobby purposes. Drink responsibly.

Whether you're in isolation due to #Coronavirus or just interested in trying an easy, #homebrew alcohol recipe this has got to be the quickest and one of the tastiest homemade beers you will ever try. Pineapple Beer is a cheap way to brew up your own alcohol.

The great thing is if you brew it for 2-3 days it makes a really delicious, tropical drink with no alcohol - great for the whole family. But leave it 5-7 days and you'll have a beer that not only tastes great but will give you a hell of a buzz as well.


2 Pineapples

2 1/2 tsp Dry Yeast

6 litres (1,5 gallons) Luke warm Water

5 cups Sugar

1 cup Raisins


Bucket or Cooler Box

Empty soda bottles for bottling



Makes 6 litres. You can easily double the recipe

Approx. Alcohol content: 4%-5% abv


  1. Clean your bucket or cooler thoroughly

  2. Cut the leaves off your pineapples, and discard. Cut the skin off your pineapple and place in a container for extra cleaning. Cut the Pineapple into blocks and throw into your brewing container.

  3. Scrub the pineapple skins removing any dirt or possible bacteria. Throw into your brewing container

  4. Add 6 litres of lukewarm water to the container, add 5 cups of sugar (white or brown) then 2 1/2 tsp of Dry Yeast (bakers yeast is fine but champagne/cider yeast even better). Lastly throw in your raisins

  5. Mix the contents with a wooden spoon then seal your brewing container and place in a dry, cool place for brewing (2-3 days for non-alcoholic / 5-7 days for alcoholic)

  6. Once you open the container you must bottle. Plastic soda bottles are preferred as they can handle any expansion from gasses.


  1. Make sure the container you are brewing in is airtight. Tape it closed or put cling wrap over the top to keep foreign bacteria out which can affect the fermentation process.

  2. Don't let it sit too long. Once the sugar is used up ( after a week max ) the yeast will use the alcohol as it's energy source causing a bad tasting brew.

  3. If you wan't to add some variation to your Pineapple Beer we mixed it with Sprite or Tonic water to make a Beer Shandy. This was not only delicious but helped the beer stretch a little longer until my next brew was ready.

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