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Manscaped: Dads that Trim the Hedges

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase we will earn a small commission

Do women really prefer their men to be groomed in the nuts and bolts region? According to surveys 64% do - many stating that they prefer trimmed instead of smoothly shaven. I was so excited to receive the Manscaped 'perfect package' kit as well as some other Manscaped products as i've been wanting to review it ever since watching billionaire Mark Cuban investing 6 figures in the brand and concept on ABC's hit show Shark Tank.

If you had even suggested shaving your bait and tackle a few decades ago people would of thought you were mad. Lets face it, its become trendy for men and women to be clean shaven or at least trimmed downstairs. Well, obviously guys and gals have been kicking their tender regions and so the father and son team created Manscaped with a clever solution.

Why should you Manscape?

The Manscaped team give the following reasons:

  • Hygiene

  • Appearance

  • Attractiveness

  • Confidence

Manscaping might not be for everyone but for many modern Dads out there who are probably already trimming the hedges with the same razor they use on their face - it's worth taking a look at.

The Tools

The Lawn Mower 2.0

This cordless 100% waterproof trimmer packs a real punch. I was surprised at its strength and batter power which seems to last longer than a few other trimmers I've tried. The ceramic blade simply snaps in and includes a clever skinsafe anti-knick feature that prevents any nasty cuts or tugs. Manscaped have been really clever in offering a blade replacement subscription service. This keeps you stocked with fresh, hygienic blades all year round. 

The Lawn Mower comes with Two detachable trimming combs which give you 4 different options to choose from. It makes sense that its waterproof because if you're like most guys, you're going to be manscaping in the shower. Many other trimmers are not waterproof and I've had a few rust on me.

The Plow

For an extra close shave this single blade, double-edge razor does the job really well. Its really weighty in the hand just like a good watch. It made me feel quite refined using it but it does take a little practice to avoid the odd knick.

The Formulations

Now shaving below the equator is not completely foreign to many modern dads like myself but something that really pricked my interest was all the formulations that Manscaped offers.

Crop Cleanser

This body wash includes aloe and sea salt and features active pH control and a carefully balanced formula to keep the ol crown jewels moisturised and fresh. I found it great to use and didn't cause me any irritation like regular soaps and cleansers applied to a shaven area. I do wish it lasted a bit longer but Manscaped offer 50% off every replenished Crop Cleanser and will send you a new bottle every month for $9.99

Crop Preserver

The Crop Preserver is described as the anti-chafing ball deodorant. This formulation includes liquid talcum-like gel that can offer protection against any friction. Especially the kind you get if you're active after trimming or shaving below deck. The fragrance is quite interesting and I don't know if it's just me but kinda smells like balls - but in a pleasant way. Once again Manscaped offers a handy monthly refill option for you keeping you friction free.

Crop Reviver

I've always felt a little envious of all these wonderful mists and sprays my wife uses. Not because I also want to smell like roses but because they always seem to make her happy after she applies them. Well Manscaped have got us Dads covered with their ball toner and refresher. This has got to be my favorite formulation of their collection. It's a spray on toner with aloe and which hazel extracts that is meant to reduce inflammation and irritation.

The zing you get after a spritz is pretty invigorating and certainly a product I would recommend.

Manscaped Styles

The Perfect package comes with some interesting reading material called the Magic Mat that not only includes some tips and manscaping styles to try but doubles up as a hair catching mat.

Valentine, X marks the Spot, Bone, Polestar, Irish

Wow your partner with a new amazing creative manscaping styles

I enjoyed testing out the Manscaped products and continue to use them to this day.

Check out this video review of some of the Manscaped products.

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