Dad Bod Underwear Model for a Day

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

So in 2019 DadiDeal searched around for the best underwear for Dads. We had the following criteria:

  • It had to be comfortable to wear

  • It had to make our partners look twice when we dropped our pants (in a good way!)

  • It had to make our Dad bod look almost as good as an underwear model's

So we found the underwear we were looking for without a problem -

but then things got kinda messed up with the festive season. Instead of rocking our very average dad bod in our underwear photos we put on 7 pounds over Thanksgiving & Christmas and our dad bod became a bad bod.

So when the suggestion was thrown out that perhaps we need to take a few weeks to lose a few pounds before we post this article the general consensus was, 'hell no!' In fact, we even managed to justify the extra pounds with the following explanation:

"I wanted to add a few extra pounds to really see if these underwear brands could make a dad with a typical dad bod feel as good as an underwear model"

What I learned being an underwear model....for an hour!

Never show your face! - Plausible deniability!

Stretching the arms removes muffin top - reaching for the sky thins out the midline.

Keep doors & curtains shut - keeping my mother in law out was my sole goal

Stuffing your Undies looks Ridiculous - In an effort to appear larger than life I attempted the ol' stocking stuffer trick. Sadly it only created the appearance of a knob riddled with leprosy.

Don't take photos on a cold day - pretty obvious!

Don't eat for like a week before - O.k so I kinda failed at this one. But I did skip lunch so...nailed it!

Coming up with Poses was probably the biggest challenge of all! Some looked downright nasty while others made even me think - whoa, not bad!

G3 Men's Boxer Brief | CoolNylon

Cool & Light: I liked how thin and light this underwear felt. Ribbedtee has used CoolNylon technology making it feel silk-like with a body-friendly stretch.

Absorption: I tend to avoid these sporty type underwear fabrics as I feel like they don't absorb any moisture. This one surprised me with its absorption keeping me feeling dry & comfortable all day long.

Wedgie-free: Not all men like fabric up their crack & these briefs do not disappoint. I didn't need to go digging at all.

X3Pouch™: design provides a 3-dimensional chamber for your precious parts. I found this pouch to be very sufficient, if not, a little intimidating - but hey, it gives plenty of room for growth.

No Muffin Top: I loved their low profile, anti-pinch & anti-roll hidden waistband which made my waist seem leaner than it actually was.

Abrasion & odor resistant: An important feature that boosts your confidence and keeps you chafe-free. The flat-lock seams with contrast stitching as well as the briefs being Tag Free make sure you're comfortable whether your active or just chilling.

Purchase yours here


The Zebra

As you can see from the images higher up, these Zebra Boxer Briefs tend to bring out the wild side. These sexy briefs & socks will have you stripping off and strutting your stuff faster than you can say 'Gucci Baby'.

Atlas Luxe: the fabric used to make this pair of briefs is uber comfy.

Waist band: I'm a bit torn with the waistband as I think the thick band and bright zebra print really makes the underwear pop. On the other hand, it does create a bit of a muffin top to your waist and required some serious sky stretching on my part to avoid this in the photos.

Pouch: Nice soft fabric and reasonable spacing in the pouch area keep your jewels intact.

Purchase Your here

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