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50 Things You Didn't Know about Babies

You have Baby questions & we've got the answers form experts who spend their time studying these little mysteries. No question is too ridiculous because the chances are 1000's of other parents have asked the same thing.

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1. Are babies covered in Hair in the Womb?

I was able to grow a beard from quite a young age causing my parents to always joke that I was born with a beard. Did you know your baby has a moustache in the womb at around 4 months? This facial hair called Lanugo then spreads over the entire body over the course of a month. Thats not even the weirdest part - before baby is born this hair falls out and is eaten by baby in the womb and this digested hair becomes a part of this first poop.

2. Do babies feel pain when their Umbilical Cord gets cut?

The umbilical cord has no nerve endings so when Dad or doctor cuts the cord no pain is felt.

3. What would happen if you never cut the Umbilical Cord?

Even if the umbilical cord was never cut (for some weird reason) it would naturally seal off about 1 hour after birth. Then anywhere from 2 - 10 days the umbilical cord and placenta would detach, naturally from baby.

4. Do Babies know their Dad?

Scientists say that babies are able to recognize their father's voice from as soon as 32 weeks gestation right through to birth. From around 12 weeks baby should also be able to recognize dad's face from across the room.

5. Why do Newborns Poop Green?

No your baby is not a martian. Babies that poop a bright green color may be getting too much foremilk which is lower in calories and is not the good fatty hindmilk in breastfeeding.

6. How long do Babies remember being in the womb?

Scientists say babies are able to maintain fetal memories until about 30 weeks after birth. These memories are important for baby as they reenforce parent recognition.

7. What is the best Age to have a baby?

As unpopular as this may be in todays society the best age for a mother to have a baby is 22. This age is called 'the age of fecundity'.

8. What are babies Not born with?

Did you know that babies are born without kneecaps? The cartilaginous structure in their knees turns into bone by the age of four.

9. Why do some Newborns make their own Breastmilk?

Some babies, boys and girls, are born with breast tissue that may even excrete small amount of milk. This has more to do with mom than baby as some babies carry over a large amount of Mom's estrogen after being born. Some baby girls even have what appears to be a small period. All these things disappear after a few days when baby's hormones stabilize.

10. Do babies Understand different Accents?

Yes and not only that - did you know that your baby will cry in your accent!

Scientists at the University of Wurzburg found that babies choose their mother’s native tongue in the last three months of pregnancy. They can even cry in that mother tongue after birth.

11. Can you leave a Pacifier in a baby's mouth while sleeping?

Babies should always be supervised. But research indicates that using a Pacifier on baby during nap time and evening sleeping can prevent and reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

12. My Baby has a vice grip. Is he abnormally strong?

Your baby may not be a super hero. The grasp of a newborn baby is so strong that its whole body can hang in midair, with its bent fingers supporting its weight

13. Do Newborns get bored?

No, babies don't get bored like your average sulky teenager. Babies are like most men I know - they have an inbuilt ability to not waste time on unimportant things so their attention span is shorter.

14. Can you hold a Newborn too much?

It is impossible to spoil a baby by holding him/her too much. Child experts say that constant attention only helps to reenforce emotional growth and intellectual development in babies.

15. Why does my Baby Fart so much?

Baby's first few months are a learning process and this goes for their little digestion systems as well. A baby can fart a lot and this is completely natural and due to the developing muscles in baby's digestion system.

16. Why do Babies Stare at their Parents?

Babies can read your mind. Seriously though, when baby is staring into your eyes he or she is sharing brain activity. Brainwaves sync up and nerve cells in both parent and chid respond to each other.

17. Can a baby recognize it's mom by scent?

Did you know that research proves that a baby responds to the fragrance of its mother’s breasts and will totally ignore breast pads used by other women.

18. Can a Mother recognize her baby without seeing it?

Scientists have discovered that a blindfolded woman has the ability to identify her own child from a host of other babies by scent alone.

19. At what age do Babies recognize themselves in the Mirror?

My baby is fascinated with mirrors. She may think there is another baby staring back at her. Only from the age of 18 - 24 months do babies figure out that a mirror is a reflection of themselves.

20. Do Babies feel Love when you Kiss them?

If you're anything like my wife and I you probably smother your baby with kisses from the day she's born until she starts nagging you to stop. Well research indicates that only around the 1 year old mark do babies learn affection. At first baby will imitate their parent but when they see the happiness kissing and affection brings they associate this behaviour with love.

21. Does Reading to your baby make them Smarter?

Experts have found that reading books to infants can boost their vocabulary and reading skills 4 years later and give them a boost in kindergarten and elementary school. There is new research now in the benefits of reading to baby in the womb.

22. Does Kissing Baby change Mom's Breast Milk?

Did you know that by mom kissing her baby she is sampling the pathogens on her skin, which are then transferred to her lymphatic system where she will produce antibodies to any bugs which will in effect carry across to baby in mom's breastmilk.

23. Why do babies Smile in their sleep?

Babies do not dream until they are a few years old. If a baby smiles in his or her sleep the chances are that they are simply passing gas.

24. Is TV Bad for Baby's Eyes?

Although this may fly in the face of everything your parents would say, experts say that tv watching has no serious negative effect on a babies eyesight.


25. Can babies Sense Evil?

I've always felt that pets and babies have a sixth sense about these sort of things. According to researchers at Yale University's "Baby Lab," babies can actually tell good from evil, even as young as 3 months old.

26. Do Babies prefer Attractive Faces?

This strange prejudice is not exclusive to jury's. Apparently babies prefer attractive looking faces too. Researchers at the University of Exeter found that infants are born with inbuilt preferences - one of which is attractive faces.

27. Can babies go Underwater?

I'm sure you've seen YouTube videos of babies swimming under water and wondered if all babies can do this. Although babies have reflexes that causes them to hold their breath when submerged for short periods of time they do not have the ability to go under water like Aqua Man.

28. Can I Give My Baby Vitamin Supplements

Formula fed babies get all the nutrients they need and need no supplementation. Breastfed babies may need to get Vitamnin D supplementation as breast milk is slightly deficient in this.

29. Do Babies feel Fear?

Newborns are fearless apart from their natural instinct to cling or throw their arms out if they feel they may be falling. Only at 6 or 7 months do babies actually start to feel afraid.

30. Is it normal that my Baby keeps Waking me up?

A new baby usually deprives each of its parents some 350-400 hours of sleep in the first year. That’s six months’ worth of sleep in the first two years of their baby’s life.

31. Is it normal for a baby to Forget to Breathe for awhile?

Although this scares the hell out of parents it is normal for a baby to pause breathing for 5 - 10 seconds. If baby stops breathing any longer than this and turns blue it is an emergency and you will need to get to the hospital & apply CPR immediately. It is also completely normal for baby to take as many as 60 breaths in a minute if they are excited or crying.

32. My Baby doesn’t seem to Sweat?

Babies who are born two weeks premature do not sweat at all, even in warm weather. Once a premature baby gets a little older sweat develops first on the forehead, then on the chest, and then arms and lastly legs.

33. My baby Sleeps facing Right. Does that mean he will be Right-handed?

Only 15% of newborns prefer to turn their head left when lying on their back. This is gene based and only lasts for a few months and may explain why more people are right-handed.

34. What effect does Looking at my baby have on My body?

Experts at an Israeli University found that when a parent and a newborn looked into each others eyes, their heart rates synced.

35. Whose voice does Baby Prefer. Mom or Dad?

Ever so often my wife and I tease our kids by asking them who they prefer - mom or dad. Clever bribery usually wins them over. Did you know that Babies prefer women’s voices to men’s and even prefer high-pitched singing more than low-pitched voices. Babies even respond more favorably to higher pitched voice.

36. Why can’t I Remember being a Baby?

Babies forget everything that they lived through and experienced in the first three years of their life. Neuroscientists call it ‘infantile amnesia’.

37. When can a Baby sleep with a Pillow?

Babies can safely start using a pillow around the age of 1 and a half years old. About the same age that baby moves out of the crib and onto a toddler bed.

38. Why is a Baby's Crying irritating?

After you have a baby for a few months you soon realize that not all people respond politely to a crying baby. Research suggests that the sound of a baby crying increases oxytocin levels, especially in mothers, which enhances care-giving behaviour.

39. Is White Noise bad for babies?

White noise played at too high a volume level can be harmful to babies. Safe noise levels for baby are in the region of 60 dB. Anything higher than this can be bad for baby's hearing.

40. Why do babies Grunt while Feeding?

Newborn baby grunting while feeding is simply baby getting used to feeding. The pressure on their tummy's or gas may make them feel uncomfortable and force them to make grunting noises.

41. What's the Best position for a Baby to Poop?

You guessed it - same as adults, the squatting position. Help your baby by holding the knees against the chest. This is the natural position for pushing out a stool.

42. Can Newborns drink Water?

Formula and breastfed babies do not need water for hydration. Water is only recommended for babies over 6 months old.

43. When will my Baby Sleep through the night?

I've asked this question for the past 5 years! It doesn't make it easier that we're onto baby number 3. But each baby is different so this is very much an individual thing. My toddlers of 5 and 4 still wake up at least once every night. Babies as young as 3 months can sleep for 6 to 8 hours so hope that you have one of these lucky ones.

44. Can babies Dance?

Yep! Babies do know how to groove. Research shows that babies have an instinctive ability to respond to the rhythm and tempo of music and may even find it more engaging than speech.

45. Babies are Born with more Bones than Adults

Babies are born with 300 bones compared to adults who have 206. Some of these bones fuse together during development.

46. How many Diapers do babies use in a Year?

About 3360. Thats a lot of diapers and when you think of all the wipes that go along with that its not hard to imagine all the waste going into the environment.

47. What is the First Color baby recognizes?

The color red. As newborns most experts agree that babies only see grey, white and black. But as they get older they start identifying red and other colors. The last colors to understand are Blue and Purple.

48. My Baby is always Hungry. Is this normal?

Did you know that your baby's stomach is only the size of a walnut. Consider that babies are growing at a rate of 1 to 1.5 centimetres a month. That requires a lot of feeding.

49. Help! My Baby is going Bald.

All Babies lose the hair they are born with around the age of four months. While this hair falls out new hair replaces it. For some babies this process is a little slower than others.

50. Can Babies Taste?

Babies tastebuds only recognise sweet and sour at first and around the age of 4 months they can begin to taste salt.

Do you know of any interesting Baby Facts that we haven't covered in this blog? Let us know in the comments below.

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