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30 Baby Hacks You Need to Know

30 Top Baby Hacks every Parent should know to make Parenting much easier! Baby Tips and Tricks for new & experienced dads and moms.

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Parenting is not the easiest thing in the world & taking care of a baby adds a new dimension of stress to any parent's daily routine. Luckily so many clever dads and moms have gone before us and paved the way with some of these fantastic hacks and tips that will make your life so much easier.

Ha, ha! Fooled ya!

No more pee accidents! Avoid pee accidents when changing babies diaper by wiping a wet wipe across their tummy just under the belly button. Do this before opening the diaper and this will encourage them to wee while still in the closed diaper. This mimics the sensation that usually happens when opening babies diaper.

Contain the Situation

Contain the mess from a dirty diaper! Pull babies onesie DOWN over their shoulders.  The envelope folds on a babies onesie is designed to allow you to pull the onesie down off your baby. This avoid the mess going up and getting poop in your baby's hair!

No Touchy!

Keep babies hands out of the way while changing a diaper. Follow this simple technique to keep babies hands out of the mess when changing their diaper.

No Diaper left behind

Never waste another diaper! If you rip off the tab of baby’s diaper during changing - don’t throw it away use an old fashioned diaper pin, or band aid strip to close it.

Pain Free Shots

Pain free vaccination, yeah! its possible. Right before a shot/vaccine, you can give your baby some sugar water. This releases natural pain-reducing chemicals in the brain. mix two teaspoons of boiled water with one teaspoon of sugar and let cool.

Just a Spoon Full of Sugar Helps the Medicine go down!

Give your baby medicine easily! If your baby needs to take medicine, use a bottle nipple and simply stick the medication syringe in to administer the dose. This avoids mess and ensures baby takes the accurate dose! Ingenious right!!

Trimming Baby's Nails

No fuss trimming babies nails. The best time to cut babies nails is after a bath- the nails are soft and baby is relaxed. Want to avoid biting baby's nail like most people do? Rather file baby's nails with the baby Giraffe.

When to Change Baby

Always know when to change baby’s diaper! Find out if your babies diaper is dirty/wet, without opening their diaper, by checking their diaper's color line. Most diapers have a yellow line that changes to blue when wet it dirty. 

No more Sticky Fingers

No more diaper cream mess on your hands! Avoid sticky fingers during diaper changes- “paint on” diaper cream using a spatula, or purchase a diaper cream applicator.

Say No to the Stairclimber!

Avoid climbing the stairs unnecessarily. If you live in a home with multiple floors - set up a diaper changing area on each level. This avoids having to go up and down for diaper changes.

Easy Pacifier Sterilization

Sterilize and store baby’s pacifier Purchase a MAM pacifier- the plastic box doubles as a pacifier holder and sterilization box. 2 for 1- we love multipurpose products right! 

Ah! Mother's Milk Lollipops

No more teething gripes. Make mothers milk pacifiers to help soothe a teething baby. 

Baby Medicine Reminder

Never forget baby’s medication schedule. Keep track of your babies medication doses by writing it on the side of the bottle or box. 

Baby Ear Plugs

Easy newborn baby hair washing! Hold babies ears closed with your middle finger and thumb, when hair washing to avoid getting water in babies ears which can lead to ear infections. 

Wet T-shirt Emergency

Moms & Pops, never have a wet “t-shirt” emergency again. Pack an extra shirt for yourself in the diaper bag incase of breastfeeding, throw up & diaper accidents.

Sleep-friendly Change Station

Easy nighttime changes! Set up a diaper changing station in your bedroom for night time changes and low watt lamp - so baby and mom don’t fully wake up and this facilitates going back to sleep quicker and easier.

Amazing Way to Calm a Crying Baby (it works!!)

Ease a crying baby! Using doctor Robert Hamilton's trick position called 'The Hold' you are able to soothe any crying and upset baby. Simply tuck baby's right arm to their chest. Fold baby's left arm over the right arm. You position your hand over baby's arms while supporting baby's neck. Then with your other hand hold the baby's bottom and jiggle it and move it in circles.

Damn Daniel!

Save on bath time! Buy a baby dam to save water, time and costs on baby’s bath time.

Keep it Clean

Keep baby’s change pad clean. Layer a few covers of small towels on the changing pad so if it gets dirty you can strip it away and have a clean layer.

Boob Confusion

Ok Dads this one is for the ladies. Avoid boob confusion and engorgement. Use Tabs on your bra to remember which side you last fed on. 

Get that Baby into Shape!

Easy baby excercise. Use a balance ball for exercising and entertaining baby.

Baby...Please Sleep Longer!

Keep baby sleeping longer! swaddle baby for a good night sleep. Keeping baby wrapped tightly helps baby to feel secure and sleep better. 

Where did I put that Bib?

No more looking for baby’s bib. Put a command hook on the back of baby’s high chair to hang their bibs on for easy access during meal times. 

Back-friendly Baby Bath Time

Baby bath time made easy! The kitchen or bathroom sink is the right height for a baby bathtub. This becomes especially helpful if you are recovering after childbirth.

5 Second Rule ✗

Keep baby’s pacifier clean even when it falls! To ensure baby always has a clean pacifier- buy a pacifier that snaps closed when it falls. 

Speed Changing

Make diaper changes quick and easy. Use open-ended gowns or baby onesies while baby is little. They are much easier for night time changes and cord care. No press studs to fuss with.  

Bag it!

Neat and easy diaper bag storage! Use an old plastic wipes container as a plastic diaper bag storage caddy.

Padded Room

Play time fun. Put baby in a blow up pool in the living room with toys. It’s a great play area for your little one

Umbilical Cord Care

Keep the umbilical cord are clean and dry by folding baby diapers down away from umbilical cord when they are newborn.

Multitask like a Pro

Multitask while carrying baby. Wear baby to keep your hands free. By purchasing a good baby carrier you can wear baby and keep your hands free so you can still see to your other kiddies or carry on with household chores or work. 

Now I'm sure you have a few hacks of your own - won't you comment down below with your baby hacks, our community would love to know them.

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