10 Best GPS & Safety Trackers for Kids

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

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iGPS Wizard Watch New technology Take me Home feature

Many of you dads have experienced this at least once - the fear & anxiety of losing your child. The worst thoughts come to mind the second you lose your little one and your mind can go to some dark places. Your heart races and you scramble around trying to find your child. You're not thinking clearly as andrenilin is pumping through your system. Luckily for most of us there's a happy ending when we finally locate Joey in the candy isle of the store or Lucy trying on shoes in the women's footwear area. Sadly for some, their nightmare is just beginning.

Wearable Device or Loose Tracker?

Generally 2 varieties of kids tracking devices exist. One that is wearable by the child, such as a watch or phone and the other is a device placed in a child's backpack or toy.

Features DaDiDeal Likes:

Geofencing - Allows parents to create Safe zones & boundaries near home, school or play areas and receive immediate alerts when the device leaves these zones.

SOS Buttons - An emergency button a child can press which should notify the authorities, parents or people placed on an emergency call list of the child's location

2-way Call Feature - Some Tracking devices include this which is great for emergencies or for checking up

DaDiDeal's Choice ////// iGPS Watch

DaDiDeal Score: ★★★★★

✅ Geofencing ✅ SOS Button ✅ 2-way Voice Call ✅ Take Me Home Mapping

✅ Device Removal Alert ✅ Emergency Contact Auto-Dialing

No video calling Monthly cellular service plan required

Only works in the USA

The iGPS Wizard watch is packed full of features and allows a parent to contact, locate and monitor their child. Apart from the obvious feature of telling the time the watch acts as a phone and helps keep parent or people on the approved contact list in contact with the child using 2-way voice call & messaging service. The Wizard uses live GPS, Wi-Fi, and cell tower triangulation to locate your child. DaDiDeal tested the accuracy and got within a few yards of the child. The Geofencing feature requires some practice but once you get the hang of it its easy to setup perimeters for safe zones. As soon as your child leaves a safe zone or the watch is removed you get notified through the Wizard App. The Take me Home Mapping is a fantastic feature and not something we see any most of the other products like this on the market. A child selects the take me home feature on their Wizard watch and a live GPS Map indicates the way home. The Activity tracker & last known location help keep parents in the loop, especially if signal is lost. Probably one of the most important features is the SOS button which immediately notifies contacts on the emergency list and gives them the child's location. The Pedometer also another fun added feature. iGPS sells the cellular service plan at $14.95 per month but an easy cancellation policy allows you to back-out without any lengthly contract. [More Info]

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TickTalk 3

DaDiDeal Score: ★★★★☆

2-way Video & Voice calling ✅ International Carrier compatible ✅ Activity History ✅ Do Not Disturb for Class ✅ Add Friends through Radar Scanning ✅ Camera

✅ SOS Button

No Geofencing Not compatible with Verizon or Sprint Battery life limited

Overheats after extended use

The TickTalk 3 is a 4G/LTE unlocked universal kids, water resistant smart watch. The wrist band suites all sizes. The watch comes with a free SIM kit from Red Pocket, compatible with AT&T or T-mobile's network. Or choose to go with your own cellular carrier - however not Verizon or Sprint's network. Parents can control the contacts list (up to 53 contacts) after which the child will only be able to accept calls from this list. Parents can see the child's last known location & movements using the App. Accuracy measured at WiFi: 100 - 500 ft; GPS: 10 - 100 ft; LBS: 100 ft - 20 miles. Disabling the Wifi can extend the battery life. Kids can add friends and parents receive notification that a new contact has been added and can accept or disapprove. DaDiDeal likes the reminder feature on TickTalk which is easy to program. [More Info]


Verizon GizmoWatch

DaDiDeal Score: ★★★☆☆

✅ Geofencing ✅ 2-way Voice Call

No video calling Only works in the USA Only compatible with Verizon Does not work with WiFi No SOS button

The water-resistant, new Verizon GizmoWatch comes in 2 varieties for the special Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Edition. Obviously it makes use of the Verizon 4G LTE network network but this does limit you to the Verizon network only. Parents have peace of mind setting up Geofencing using the App and getting alerts if their child leaves safe zones. Parent can choose 10 trusted contacts and child can make 2-way voice calls with these 10 contacts. The fitness tracker and Reminder features are a useful addition.



DaDiDeal Score: ★★★☆☆

✅ Bluetooth Track Multiple Children ✅ No Charging required ✅ No Carrier/Monthly fees

No SOS button No Geofencing

This genius little invention is a a proximity-based Bluetooth tracking chipset located in the machine washable, 100% high quality cotton t-shirt. To start using simply flip the patch press the point 10 times. The Chipset battery is activated. By placing your phone near to the patch the B’zT App automatically scans the chipset’s unique serial number linking the patch to the App. Battery lasts about 10 months. The B’zT 100% biodegradable Chipset is FCC & KC approved. App alerts parent when child is more than 50-70m away from the parent. Ideal for tracking a child in your vicinity ie. teachers, parents at the park etc. [More Info]



DaDiDeal Score: ★★★★☆

✅ 4G GPS Tracker ✅ SOS Button ✅ Geofencing ✅ Voice Monitoring

✅ Location History

Only 15 Numbers can be added in Contacts Only works in the USA Talk+Text Plans through KidsConnect only Does not work with WiFi No video calling

This is a simple phone with a focus on child safety. Real time GPS tracking on App or computer. Parents can setup safe zones with Geofencing feature and get notified when child leaves the area. These alert messages are received by text message and email and not only on the App. The SOS feature when activated will send a text message with the GPS location to three cell phone numbers and then it will autodial the numbers on the SOS list until one is answered. The listen-in or Voice Monitoring feature allows parent to send a text message to the device and within a minute the device will call back without activating the screen allowing the parent to monitor the child's surroundings. Parent can approve 15 numbers for the phone. The child's phone can only be turned off from the parents phone. Talk & Text Minutes can only be purchased through KidsConnect - plans range from $15 - $20. [More Info]

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DaDiDeal Score: ★★★★☆

✅ Location History ✅ Geofencing ✅ KidSafe COPPA certified ✅ Long-lasting Battery ✅ International Carrier compatible

Live tracking drains battery rapidly No SOS Button Monthly Subscription Plan

The waterproof Jiobit offers live tracking using Cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Multiple wearing options such as attached to a shoe lace, on waistbands or buttonholes. Parents can see a full history of the child's movements. Parents are able to set geofences and get notified if child leaves safe zones. Something DadiDeal likes is that Jiobit has used Government-level encryption to protect the users data. Parents can invite other carers to the App to help keep track of the child. The proximity meter using geofence technology is a really cool feature which DaDiDeal thinks would be useful when taking kids to the Mall, Amusement Park or anywhere public and possibly crowded. The battery can last as long as 1 week before needing to be charged. Jiobit requires a monthly subscription data plan (starting at $8.99 p/mo) to stay connected and is compatible with national US and worldwide cellular data. [More Info]



DaDiDeal Score: ★★☆☆☆

✅ CrowdFind ✅ Long-lasting Battery

100ft bluetooth range No SOS Button Geofencing

Though not packed with many of the features the other devices have DadiDeal likes the cube for its price point which enables a parent to buy a few and place the cubes in a variety of their child's belongings. The Cube Tracker app uses GPS to show the last known location on a map and uses Bluetooth to tell you if you are near or far. It comes with a replacement battery. With the 100ft bluetooth range the cube is ideal for teachers or parents needing close-proximity monitoring. Using the CrowdFind feature a parent can extend the range of this tracker by using the assistance of anyone with a cube device which comes within 100ft to the cube to assist them in locating the lost child. [More Info]



DaDiDeal Score: ★★★☆☆

✅ Geofencing ✅ Driver Safety Reports ✅ Location History

Monthly Subscription Plan No SOS Button Usable in USA, Canada & Mexico only

Track in real time on PC, Android or IOS Phone/Tablet. The tracker offers Geofencing which notifies the parent if the child leaves the predetermined safe zone. Whether using it for your teenager or your younger child who is driven to school by 3rd party DaDiDeal likes the Driver Safety Report feature which gives information such as speeding, hard braking/acceleration. Using the App a parent can see movement history. The device makes use of a 4G LTE network with plans starting at $24.95/month. Battery life is about 14 days before you need to recharge. Users can only receive alerts on AT&T, Verizon, Tmobile and Sprint phones. [More Info]



DaDiDeal Score: ★★★☆☆

✅ Geofencing ✅ Driver Safety Reports ✅ Location History

Only works in the USA Monthly Data Plan No SOS Button

This tracking device tracks in realtime with live GPS tracking using Google Maps data. Parents can Aaccess remotely via computer, tablet or phone. DaDiDeal likes the feature of receiving alerts by E-mail & Text Message of the location and speed as well as its Geofencing capabilities both far off and close proximity. The battery will last about 17 days. Requires Data plan starting at $24.95 a month. Spytec offer a range or optional extras for the device [More Info]



DaDiDeal Score: ★★★★★

✅ International Carrier compatible ✅ SOS Button ✅ Long-lasting Battery

✅ Location History ✅ Driver Safety Reports

Monthly Data Plan

The Tracki is a GPS-GSM 3G real time worldwide tracker that comes with a clip so a parent can attach it to pretty much anything. It is one of the few tracking devices that includes a SOS button. The battery has a huge lifespan of 30 days and up to 1 year with an extended battery. The Geofencing alerts allow parents to set safe zones and receive notification when the child leaves the area. DaDiDeal likes the SOS alert button which broadcasts the location via app notification, email, or text. Parents can receive SOS, speed alerts & start moving notifications via App notification, sms or email. Monthly data fees starting at $9.95. Parents can can set a link to share the device's live path - this would be great for kids travelling between parents. [More Info]

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